Friday, July 9, 2010

Forgettable Day (Pictures Added)

It's just early afternoon, but this has not been a good day.

First I realized that my anticipated visit with Debby was not going to happen. Things just didn't fall into place like I thought they would, so I was a little down anyway when I went out.

Already steamy at 9:30. Mind full of things I have to do. Driving Mama to the beauty shop while she talks nonstop about political candidates and somebody I used to know dying. Just not my favorite start to the day.

I did go to the library though where there were so many new books that looked good that I came out with an armload along with 2 audio books, a do-it-yourself book, and 2 Kennedy biographies for Mama. I love the librarian at the Pike Road branch. It's such a lovely contrast to downtown.

Then I went to Rite-Aid and managed to get contact lens solution and a toothbrush and made $3. Didn't need either one, but it was nice to get the free things and the $3.

The badness started with Chic-Fil-A. How could you have a bad experience on "Dress Like a Cow Day."

I ordered Mama her usual sandwich with cheese - that was fine. She usually gets a brownie, but I had a coupon for a free dessert - yogurt parfait or something with chocolate cookie crumbs. She said to get 2. So that's what I ordered. My Styrofoam cups I love are getting old, so I got a chicken strips combo - to get the cup. The fries aren't bad either. So we got the order - like pulling teeth - the girl kept getting it wrong, and I hate the screen now where they can see you and you can see them. I guess they can see you! Anyway as we drove away, I told Mama to check the bag, and she said there were no parfaits there. Well heck! I was parking to go in when this guy ran out with a bag in his hand. Ah, thank goodness, huh?

When we got home, Debby called just as we drove into the garage, and while I was talking to her, Mama was in the process of spilling one bag all over the floor. So we got that cleaned up and into the kitchen where I discovered there was only 1 dessert - or at least 1 vanilla yogurt with a strawberry on top. What the heck? For $2.25? Something you could buy in Publix for 50 cents. And we didn't even get the free one. I just put that one into 2 bowls.

Then I opened my "strips" and they were nuggets. Second week in a row for that to happen! Sigh. But I didn't want to take it all back, so we made do.

Now, here's the highlight of the day (hopefully it's the worst). I sat down to enjoy my lunch and read a chapter in my book. The yummy cold Coke in the Styrofoam cup was on the table next to me. As I reached for it, it tipped over. The top came off and it poured onto the couch and floor AND my finger went through the side of it, spilling even more and (honestly the worst thing) causing me to ruin that nice cup. I just stood there in the den thinking, "If it would do any good, I would just cry. CRY."

Instead since Mike is not here, I went and got paper towels and spent 15 minutes sopping up the mess from the carpet and couch. That cup holds a LOT of Coke. Then I sat there with the remaining 2 inches of my drink and ate those hard little nuggets and the 5 fries that didn't get spilled on the floor of the car. And did not enjoy it.

I decided to come here and get some sympathy.

I know I should take my receipt and the fake parfaits and go back to Chic-Fil-A. But I'm tired and irritable, and don't really want to. Although it might be worth it to see all the little cows running around. We've never had any trouble before last week, and that's our favorite fast food place.

I'm going to blame it on those new screens.

Added: Here are some cow parts to print if you want to participate and don't have a costume.

I had to do it.

But not for long.

I think we've met Jacob the Cow before - last Halloween. They missed the contest today, but Lydia is entering his picture into the Chic-Fil-A "Show Us the Cow Contest." I'll post the link as soon as they get it up so we can vote.

I think he should win something!


  1. I'm sorry you've had a bad day! I haven't seen the new screens yet. Maybe I should have dressed Jacob up in his cow costume from Halloween and gone to get free chicken!
    Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. I bet it's not too late. We saw a few of them, some with just spotted T-shirts. Cute.