Friday, July 23, 2010

Fishing in the Pacific

Instead of picking out a few pictures of Emily and Mike's adventures, I'm going to post a link to his first album. The comments make fun reading.

It's all beautiful, and I'm so glad they got to experience this. Simply looking at some of the pictures made me feel queasy, and I feel sure that might be the only Pacific deep-sea fishing trip they undertake. Well, I can't speak for Emily. The call for ocean adventure will probably come again, and she will answer.

Although I would love to have seen a cute little life jacket as one of her fishing accessories.

And my adventures? Only a trip to Home Depot to hang out with the painter men at the paint department. I seem to have the best conversations every time I go there - with just random people who are waiting there too. I may have found someone to do the things I can't handle. I got a card and an expression of willingness anyway. The way he was tossing out paint colors and textures, I told him he could be my decorator too.

I was also able to relieve a good bit of stress between one man and the Home Depot worker over how to spell taupe. Then once I told them, that caused a little more stress over there being about 50 different taupes in the paint selection.

I didn't make any final paint decisions, but I did get my own personal cute ladder.

I have only maybe 2 more days of wallpaper taking down, and then I can begin to paint. I'm still waiting for the magic paint chip to appear in front of me. As much as I like color, I imagine there will be only neutrals with maybe a little venturing out to greens in this house.
I sure would like to do a pretty color in that little room though. I may not can resist.

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