Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordless - or White - Wednesday?

A lot of blogs I read follow a theme of writing, and Wednesday is sometimes White Wednesday or Wordless Wednesday. Like this beautiful little white dress on one of my favorite heirloom sewing blogs. I just have to make this - HAVE to. But then I want to make everything Jeannie shows a picture of!

But there is no method at all to this madness I write. Whatever comes into my mind ends up printed here.

So already it's not wordless, although I had just planned to post these pictures and run.

But in the meantime, I gained something else white. I'm too tired to talk about it now. Just think my sharpest sewing scissors, a quilted bag, and an innocent arm coming down hard on top of it.

Maybe on sickening Saturday, I'll post the pictures of the actual suturing. Or maybe not!

Kind of a pretty bandage cover though, I think.

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