Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Two Excellent Feasts

One of the rewards of getting dressed up for my niece Robin's wedding Saturday was the good meal I knew we would have. And it didn't disappoint.

I'll have more pictures of the wedding later, but I need to talk about food today.

After the ceremony and the 40-minute cocktail hour where we just kind of milled around and hugged lots of people, we finally found table 3. We shared it with 7 other nice and funny people, none of whom I ever found out the names of, except maybe Chris who did the service and his girlfriend Amanda. We all got familiar enough to takes each others' pictures bunches of times with those disposable cameras and find out all about each other - just no names.

These are some of the decorations on the tables.

Mama, me, Debby, and my brother Mike, the bride's father. All us looking fairly presentable, I think. I even managed to keep my shoes on the whole time until we were walking back to the hotel. I think Debby and I behaved very nicely - except for just a tiny bit of texting to Mike and Emily that went on.

And here is the dinner, stuffed lobster AND steak. The mashed potatoes were good too once we determined they weren't tofu - just potatoes between pieces of phyllo dough.

Mama not only rode in her first limo Saturday but ate her first lobster. She managed to stay grounded though and still wanted a McDonald's sausage and biscuit for breakfast the next morning.

And the cakes!

The bride's cake. I just had a bite or two, but I think it was amaretto flavor. Delicious. Top of the cake.

The groom's cake was red velvet.

With cute little strawberry men.

I mentioned 2 feasts so here is the second one, totally opposite from the first one, but just perfect for me on this rainy day.

On the way home from Tuscaloosa Sunday morning, Debby, Mama, and I stopped at Durkins Market fruit and vegetable and everything else you might want store in Clanton, AL.

It's too early for good peaches, but we still got some. And squash. And Watermelon. And tomatoes. And boiled peanuts. And maybe some peach ice cream for the trip home.

Mama cooked squash and onion yesterday, and it was delicious.

This is my own personal watermelon. Beautiful!
And this is my feast today. One of the juicy tomatoes sliced over a piece of ham and covered with mozzarella cheese and spices. I used Italian seasoning, but it didn't quite work. Maybe basil next time.
With cucumbers and watermelon, it was delicious.
We did get the rain we thought was never coming. And lots of it.

I'll be back in a day or so and have more pictures of the wedding and mention our exciting trip that took 5 hours and provided much entertainment at the wedding and, thanks to Debby's texting dexterity, all over the country.


  1. WOW! Very elaborate cakes and decorations. Can't wait to see more.


  2. Coming right up! There will be better pictures than the ones I was able to take, I'm sure.

  3. This is all well and good, but what did you mean about the boiled peanuts? That is all that really matters when you get down to it, now isn't it?

    Sincerely-amente, Sr. Arturo Antonio Rodriguez de los Santos; MD, PhD, LLD, DVM, ABC

  4. Certainly Sr.
    According to Mama, that was the best food of the weekend. I'll have to vote for the peach-pecan ice cream.

  5. Aaahhhhh the groom´s cake, very tempting!!
    Hey!! Gorgeous look of you all (Becky, mama Ray and Debby)The gentleman is Allan? He´s very dressy.
    Beautiful pictures, it is good to know you are having a wonderful time with the peaches and the watermelon. When do you will have some blackberries? Let me know, I have a wonderful and refreshing drink recipe with it.

  6. Thanks, Gaby, but wrong brother. Alan is Mike's brother, and this is my brother - also named Mike. His daughter was the bride.

    I'd love the blackberry recipe. We used to pick blackberries and put them in a glass of milk with a little sugar. It doesn't sound that great now, but it was quite a treat then.