Friday, June 18, 2010

A Nice Friday

Today I traveled to Andalusia to have lunch with my father-in-law and take him some banana pudding for Father's Day. We ate at David's Catfish and had our usual. I'm not sure what it is, as I was concentrating only on the cheese grits. I think there were fish and some slaw on the plate too. I got this picture from Facebook where they have 577 followers. No pictures of the food though.

When I did a search for David's and cheese grits looking for a picture, I ran across this blog. Pretty good explanation of grits for non-Southerners. Notice the comments section - sugaring grits!? The blog looks like fun, and I put it in my favorites to go back and read more when I have time.

I had picked up a Stephen King audio book in the library last time, just 2 CDs, and figured it would be the perfect length for a trip like this one. Sometimes his writing is good, other times just more of the same stuff. This was called The Gingerbread Girl, and it started off nicely enough and didn't start to terrify me until I was almost there. I even turned the sound down so I wouldn't have to hear some of it, but I didn't want to miss anything either. Thank goodness it was short.

I stopped at Debby's on the way home for a nice visit. We talked about books, family, her upcoming knee surgery, and life in general.

How beautiful the lake is. I forgot I had the camera in the car on this trip.

How Gus the bulldog wouldn't stop licking my feet. This was taken last year when he was a new lake-dweller.

I got sent home with these!

They have a huge blueberry bush in the yard that is full of them. I've already frozen a bunch to snack on and kept some for cereal in the morning. Beautiful. And there will be hundreds of scuppernongs ripe on the vine in a few weeks. My suggestion that Debby could make scuppernong jelly was met with silence and a dubious stare.

It's good to take a day just to relax and visit with family.


  1. Uhhh Becky, I love the blueberries, are so yummy!!
    Please send me some hahahahaha

    I hope Debby can be better soon, I send her a big hug. The good thing is that Tom is near.


  2. UPS!! I forgot to mention: Happy father´s day to all the finest gentleman who read this nice blog.
    I hope they had a nice day.

  3. Yes. The blueberries WERE yummy. Sorry but they're all gone. I'm going to go back next week with my empty colander for more!