Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Mountain Climbing

If you haven't seen this little video, it's neat.

Emily seems to have a need to climb mountains every weekend, and I'm so glad she shares her joy with us. Even if it does make me gasp at times and want to reach out and grab an arm here and there.

Here's a little more about Bandera Mountain. Only 7 miles roundtrip. And they don't even look tired at the top. The girls didn't know Chad was filming. Video cameras are not quite as obvious as they use to be. He did a great job putting this together.

I told her I wanted to be there on the top and just sit there and enjoy it, but I can't see how I would get there. Maybe a 3-day camping trip?

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  1. Great video and the music made it special.
    Belated Birthday wishes to Lydia