Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I need a few.
Everything is going fine in my life, but lately I've just convinced myself to be overwhelmed.

I guess the realtor calling at 11:30 yesterday and wanting to show the house at 1:00 is not overwhelming! Especially when I'm supposed to work until 12:00. I at first put her off but then decided I could do wonders in an hour.

For some reason when I went to bring in the paper this morning, I turned on the hose and washed down the front of the house, including the shutters, front door, porch, and porch furniture. All that pollen went away temporarily and it was all sparkly with the new red geraniums. Who knew it would be so important? It was fun too.

Once I decluttered, I had to vacuum and mop and clean up cat feeding areas, and that was all doable. Mama and Darby and I took our little trip to the library to turn in a stray book and to pick up a newspaper. It was fun to ride in the sunshine and talk about IF we move to Texas. It's still not clear in our minds what we should do, and that's why I'm not worried about someone buying the house or not. Selling the house would solve one problem but open up a whole lot of other ones.

At least we have a clean house!

Two other things hanging over my head like gray clouds are Mama's electronics. I know nothing about TVs, VCRs, DVDs - nothing. She watches TV and likes to put in video tapes to watch, so it's important to her. But her VCR died. We've already tried buying another one, but the new ones don't work on her TV. So it looks like I'm going to try to have to pull one of my DVD/VCR things - that I don't know how to work - out of my cabinet and try to make it work for her TV. Ugh.

Also her computer stopped working Sunday. There's supposed to be a network among our 3 computers, but hers is in a different room from my two, so it has to have an external drive and a network key. I poked around enough to see that I was going to have to reset something but wasn't sure what and figured I would end up calling my computer guys.

So this morning, I reluctantly went into her computer room with the network key and decided to retype it and see if that worked. And it was already working! I guess it works to pray for small things too.

Now if I just knew what to pray for with this house-changing thing.

I'm enjoying my kitchen window right now. As of today I haven't killed these herbs, but one is looking a little pale. I think they're lemon balm and Italian sage. They smell delicious when you crush the leaves, and if I cooked, I might think about using them. Debby and I found the cute little pots when we were in Destin (I think) at the Old Time Pottery store. They're not really pots but ramekins with no holes in the bottom, so that may be a problem. Right now, I'll just enjoy them and my little angel.


  1. I love your geraniums, beautiful color!!
    So that angel take care of the felines? It is the cat angel? Lovely.

  2. Yes, Debby gave it to me for my birthday. She's just perfect for that window where I can see her all the time. I like having a kitchen window to look outside and enjoy the changing seasons. See that beautiful wisteria blooming up the street? I keep an eye on it.