Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well, just April.

There's nothing like it. Nearly every day you want to bottle up the beauty and save for later. I love that walk to the front sidewalk to pick up the paper every morning now, just savoring all the fresh smells and birds chirping and people walking. It's just a happy time.

I get to check on the progress of my plants and rejoice that I haven't killed one yet. Well, maybe the plumeria, but I'm still waiting for a leaf on that one. I've nurtured it 12 years, so it better not leave me now.

Here are the irises I brought from the purple lady's yard (later ours) in Thomaston. I took several colors and varieties, but these are the only ones that have made it through 4 moves. Not my favorite color but still a beautiful creation.

A couple of side door pots that make me happy.

The bricks are from our old house in Andalusia.

My never-fail daisies that have also been moved many times. I can't remember if these are the ones from my mother-in-law's beautiful collection of flowers, but I think they may be. I just dig them up every time we move, and they love it wherever they're put down.

We go to Prattville for Mama's doctor's appointment this afternoon, and I'll hopefully get some tatting done while we wait. Between yard work and work work and just lethargy, I haven't picked up any needlework this week. I did get out my embroidery machine to see if I remember how to download designs and applique.

Mama and I will go to Texas next week, and I'm packing up a few embroidery projects to take with me. There will be 2 nights on the road, and we'll stay 5 or 6 days. It will be nice to get away, although I'll pay for it when I get home.

I'd better work a little bit this morning and answer a few emails so I can have my evening to myself when I get back from Prattville.

Life is good, according to Jacob.


  1. The flowers are so pretty it makes me wish I had a green thumb.
    Have a wonderful time in Texas.

  2. Glad someone is enjoying this season. I can't seem to stop sneezing from all the pollen!
    Hope you have a good trip to Texas!

  3. Nice road trip to TX, I hope you would enjoy this time together and pick more beautiful flowers for your garden on the way.
    As always gorgeous flowers and beautiful pictures.