Friday, January 8, 2010

I thought I remembered it snowed last year, so I looked back to find out when: March 1. This journal is good for something! The build-up this week for sleet and snow and icy roads and schools closing was tremendous, but luckily we had just a little rain and some sleet. It sure is cold though. On the way back from Mama's doctor's appointment about 11:30, it was 23 degrees. The kind of cold that hurts your face and bones - and I needed to stop and buy gas. Misery, both the cold and watching the price of gas add up.

I love coming home to a warm house and a good book. I stayed up late last night and finished The Time Traveler's Wife. It's unusual for me to like fantasy or science fiction. I like the real thing. But this story was very convincing. It almost had me believing that people can have chromosomal imbalances that would cause them to travel in time - and not in a fun way every time, sometimes devastating. I loved the story though even if was a little sad and a lot confusing.

So I finished my first book of the new year and had to decide which one to start next. I had picked out A Tale of Two Cities and Twilight to read. Choices. I love Dickens in the wintertime, but I wasn't in the mood for him today, so I started Twilight. I may be the last person to read it, but it does begin very nicely. I haven't gotten to the "can't put it down" stage yet though.

I'm still overwhelmed by my needlework plans: Wanting to start some new things. Needing to finish a few old ones. Having problems with just a simple cross-stitch project. I did a little tatting in the doctor's office. Not much fun. I'm going to get out my heirloom sewing things and see if I can still pleat and smock. No wonder I'm overwhelmed. I need more days.

I gave most all of my sewing projects away when I was doing heirloom sewing and regret not taking pictures. I do have some in the closet that I will take pictures of later. Here is a dress I did for Elise's boss's little girl when she worked in Atlanta. Naomi.

I love this simple embroidery. Shadow stitch is one of my favorite embroidery stitches. Easy to do but so pretty.
This is another dress that I still have in the closet with shadow stitch and smocking. It was fun to do. I'll take some more pictures later.

I'm trying to decide between a cup of coffee and reading or a nap. Maybe both.


  1. Those are gorgeous projects! I wish I knew how to smock.

  2. I enjoy your blog, and your work is really beautiful.

  3. Thanks! Both smocking and shadow embroidery are easy, easy. It's just finding time to do them.

  4. I love those dresses. Your smocking and the embroidery beautiful.