Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Weather Girl was Right

I can't even blame this on my least favorite month, February.

The people on WSFA last night were talking snow but already offering excuses why it might not happen. Less than 18 hours ago, I was sitting in this yard, enjoying the warm wind and drinking iced tea.

I didn't have to look outside to know it had snowed during the night. The first thing I heard were little voices next door laughing and shrieking - at 6:30 a.m. There's nothing prettier than falling snow, but it's something I had just as soon experience from indoors. I thoroughly enjoyed our 2 winters in Greensboro and all those snow/ice storms - from the cozy warmth of my upstairs window or snuggled in front of the fireplace.

I remember the excitement of a possible snowfall in Georgia when the kids were little. I always loved a snow day because of not having to get everybody ready for school and carpooling and/or going to work, but as exciting as it was for them, my whole day would be spent at the door receiving wet gloves and socks and coats and drying them for the next outing. We had no winter equipment, but that didn't stop them from sliding down our neighbor's driveway in roasting pans and cardboard boxes. I think one snow day a year was enough for me.

I did let Darby out. At first, she turned around and came back, but I coaxed her back out, and she realized she kind of liked it. She romped and played and flushed birds out of the secret garden behind us. She even found her sheep buried under snow and rescued it.

The cats just didn't even want to look at it, but when I went to get the newspaper, Maddy went with me. When I came in, she was crouched under the car, and this was her 10 minutes later - all finished with her snow excitement.
In my email at 7:00, I found an email from Mike once again requesting a web log. He had already heard the big news on TV and was very smug that he knew about it before me.

If my new friends Gaby and Dina from Guatemala City read this, I think I'm coming for that visit right now! If you're already harvesting tomatoes and coriander, it sounds like a perfect place for me.

It seems like a good morning for drinking coffee and looking out the window or maybe going back to bed.

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