Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September's Here

Since I forgot to be excited about it yesterday, my favorite month arrived with lots of rain and some relief from the August heat.

I talked to Emily last night, and while she's totally happy with her new job, she is under a lot of stress and will be all month until she takes her certification test. She sees her patients all day and then stays late to do the paperwork. Then she goes home and studies the cases of her upcoming patients - and sleeps. That's about it right now, which leaves no time for studying for the exam. She has all day Friday off to study and then one day a week the rest of the month. I wish I could take something away from her. But she says she's excited and happy. She says she wants never to take her surroundings for granted and to always be awed by the beauty she sees just on her drive to work - the mountains and sky and trees. Can't wait to visit but that will come when things are more settled for them.

I've taken on 3 new accounts at work, and that's kind of interesting - St. Augustine and Inverness, FL, and Mobile Infirmary. It's a challenge to keep all their specifics straight. One will want their headings one way and the other will want them another. Some want the patients' names in the report - some don't. I have to keep a chart in front of me to refer to, but I like the challenge. It keeps me awake.

Elise is loving her new job too. She took Mike by last week to meet her co-workers. She and Emily both have a 30-minute drive to get to work, but they enjoy the time to get their thoughts together. I used to like that too - and listening to audio books. I listened to Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma) one winter when I was driving to Atlanta, and it would always be a downer to get to work and not hear the British accents.

Pretty much nothing happening around here, which is fine with me. Nice brisk morning when I went out to get the paper.

My latest obsession.

The picture is not clear, but they are frozen grapes. I go for years not remembering how much I love these. I don't especially like the texture of regular grapes, but freeze them and they become addictive. Taste better too. I think I need some now.


  1. I've got some grapes in the fridge. I'm about to go put some in the freezer. I *have* to try it.