Friday, September 11, 2009

Quilting Honor (Not Me)

While Sherry and David are making their way through Alaska, (lots of good pictures, by the way) the quilting magazine came out with the shop where she works part time, Lavender Lime in Chattanooga, as one of the featured shops.

The full-page quilt, Ribbon Stars, is the one she did the quilting for. She even has her name there. Yay for Sherry.

This is a picture of Lavender Lime. I've been there. I've spent money there. Oh, yes - just a little.

I found these pretty mums at Publix when I was plodding through there today buying groceries. They cheered me up just to look at them there amongst the grapes and bananas and cat food.

This little magnolia bloom was there this morning trying to act like magnolias usually bloom in September. I missed a few strands of morning glory, I see, when I was pulling them up.


  1. Thanks for mentioning the Lavender Lime article in Quilt Sampler mag. We have been pretty excited about it, although we weren't too happy with the photography of the quilt. We're glad to be home from Alaska and back to my regular computer that doesn't have sticking keys and make it a night mare to type anything.
    Too bad David didn't enter Mike's fudge competition.You know how he likes to cook--thank goodness. One of us has to.

  2. Of course!! I need David to send his pork recipe and what else - something like harvest bars? Don't need oreo balls. Those REALLY make my teeth hurt to think about! I never found that barbecue sauce - what is it again?

    I'm thinking about another trip to Ooltewah when I get an invitation - about the time when the trees are so pretty. Make sure all the kitties are healthy. I'm pretty hard on them, it seems.