Sunday, September 13, 2009

Poor Cougar

I thought Mike was just making up things when he mentioned the cougar loose in Seattle, but Emily confirmed it today.

"Ryan and I went out to dinner with one of my superiors and her husband, Brian Kurtson, only to find out that he is none other than Seattle's very own "Cougar Wrangler." He's a super smart guy, finishing up his PhD in animal research sciences. So our new friends then informed us of how many cougar and bear captures occur in our area. They were surprised that we were surprised to find out that it's perfectly normal to walk outside and see a bear going through your trashcan, or a cougar sunning in your yard. Ha. We thought we were protected somehow. Just like the people in Seattle probably thought they were. The fact that they found this big cat in seattle, and that it somehow made it in to the city, is apparently a really big deal. He crossed some land bridge to get in, Brian later told us. This recent capture was an especially big deal b/c the cougar made it into the actual city. ANYWAY, we enjoyed very much that he was one of the ones to capture the kitty. Here's a little clip - he's the second one interviewed, doesn't say much, but watch it so see how giant the cougar is! "

These news stories change quite often, so I hope it's still there. Here's a picture of the poor thing anyway.

He's just sedated!

It's sad to think he was just turned loose in a strange place feeling woozy and knowing no one. I hope he finds frends.

So much for the cats and dogs getting to enjoy the nice yard. Jack and Bella may have some good monster stories to share of what they've seen out the windows, if they could speak people language.

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