Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pictures From the Trip

Well. I've been working on trying to write something for days, but I never have time or get interrupted or something. I finally figured out how to transfer the pictures from my camera to Elise's computer, so I'll go back to the day we left, Sunday. Pictures are mainly of my travelling companion.

7:30 a.m. All ready to go. Bag of toys and treats for Darby. Stack of audio books and Diet Coke for me.

She's a good traveller once she gets over her excitement, but at a stop light somewhere near Selma, she spotted a man walking a dog and let them know how she felt about it.

Is that what I think it is?

How dare other creatures invade my space.

Close call, but I scared them away.

Sleeping all the way to Mississippi.

We stopped at the Welcome Center in MS, which was a nice break for us. Then I decided to veer off the path and go by and check on our old house near Meridian. It wasn't too far off the interstate, and I found all the right roads - Cotton Gin, Lizella (GPS lady pronounced it Lizee-ya, Briarwood, and then NE Pines. So many memories of a happy time. Passed by Nancy, Kay, and Barbara's old houses. Only Nancy still lives there, but there were no cars, and I didn't really want to pop in after 10 years! So I drove down to our house. The house next door had changed owners, and instead of 3 teenage boys living there, there was a man on the front porch watching 2 children in pirate costumes ride Big Wheels (or whatever they're called now). It may have been one of those boys grown up watching his children. I stopped and took a few pictures. It looks good. There's nothing sadder than revisiting an old dwelling place and having it look shabby. These people had added a big flower bed out front and cut down some trees, but Mike takes credit for everything with his many hours on the tractors cutting and hauling trees and brush to the big bonfire out back.

Looks like a dogwood that needs to come down though.
I used to know exactly how many steps from the house to the mailbox - 111, I think.

I'm being rushed to go to the BBQ Cook Off in Downtown Lubbock. I guess I just might taste some good food tonight. Yum. More later.


  1. Love your pictures, especially the one of Darby snoozing. She looks like a good traveling companion. It's always bittersweet to ride by and see an old you I lived in and loved. Hannah loves to ride by our old house in Demorest- last time we rode by it was for sale but still looked the same.

    Mmmmm- BBQ Cook-Off sounds good! Can't wait to see more pics from your trip.

  2. Geez- can't type today. I better get it in gear before it's time for me to work tonight, huh? I meant "see an old house I lived in." You knew what I meant didn't you? =)

  3. Ha. That's funny. I didn't notice it until you pointed it out!

    Where did you live in Demorest? I only went through there on the way to Clarksville from Cornelia but remember the college well. Also had a friend whose parents lived kind of behind the college. I'd like to go poking around that area again sometime - Alto to Clarksville.

    I took a lot of pictures tonight. Maybe will have time to get some of them on later.