Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Few Pictures and One More Birthday

I love early mornings in the fall. Stella likes the new scents too.

On second thought, it looks like she may be getting some bad vibes.

Finally had to pull up this morning glory as it was smothering the azaleas and gardenias. It did its job well this summer. There's the one white impatiens that I brought from Emily and Ryan's apartment. It perked up nicely.

Some fabrics that I can't wait to start on. I have to finish up one project first before I start these. I've said that, but I might have just the perfect few hours on a rainy day when these fabrics will need to be arranged and cut, and the current project will have to take it's place in the long line of unfinished ones.

Another one of our "kids" has had a birthday. Debby and Tom's son Brent. Happy Birthday, Brent. Nice cake. He's older than 3.

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