Saturday, September 12, 2009

And the Winner Is.....

For those anxiously awaiting the "cash awards" from Mike for solving the fudge mystery, the wait is over. The results are completely in English with a musical interlude and highly dissatisfying for everyone but Debby. (I think she secretly did want an award.) Suzanne from West Sussex would also like to enter the next contest to give it even more of an international touch.

Presentation of awards:
1. Debby: The only person who wanted nothing for herself. So I feel that I should honor her desire for nothing, and buy myself another $9 worth of maple syrup. First place: all my best wishes to the lady from Looo Verne.

2. Elise: Second place: The west Texas wind. Way out here we have a name/ for rain and wind and fire/The rain is Tess, the fire is Joe/And we call the wind Mariah/ Mariah, Ma-ri-ah, We call the wind Mariah. Bonus of crane meat jerky.

3. Dina: Third place: Dina's carnal desire and shrieking lust for new tires has frightened all of us. So out of fear, I have a gift certificate to Dina for a set of new Michelin radial tires for her Suzuki Alto. Gift certificate redeemable at Hienie's tire store in Littlefield, Texas. Ask for either of the brothers who own Hienie's tire store, Dina: Thor or Big Red.

4. Becky: Fourth place. In spite of advice to the group that goat milk (goat milk?) is not appropriate for fudge, she is awarded the coffee maker she has been needing. I found a nice Mr. Coffee four cup Brew-o-Matic President model being closed out this afternoon at WalMart, and will ship parcel post to her in Montgomery. Digital AND push button AND delay brew function. Gabriela and Dina can furnish the Guatemalan coffee.

5. Gaby: Fifth place. Sweet Gabriela had this entire contest won. It was in the bag for her. But then she felt she needed to insult my vision with her 10 centimeter butter fonts. Gaby is awarded the ice cream machine she has been wanting. Pick it up in our garage in Montgomery when you visit, Gabriela. It is the best kind of retro ice maker...a very special electricity is required to make the ice cream.

6. Ryan and Emily: Self Esteem Honorable Mention. ( Note to Ryan: I am checking today to see whether we in Texas do have bad stove heat, as you postulated. I am pretty sure you are convinced that Seattle has good stove heat.)


  1. Suzanne from West Sussex? Is it sweet Suzanne who in another life we knew in Thomaston? If so, I would like to hear the Arundel/Worthing accent blended with the Upson County nasal whang. Piggy Park meets Fawlty Towers. Caw.

    Have you asked her if she has met the Bennetts yet?

  2. This accent of mine is definitely unusual, and that's probably the best description of what it sounds like I have heard yet! Piggie Park meets Fawlty Towers. (Hilarious show, btw.)

    I did a load of reading about fudge, and the only thing that I read that might be a help is about the inclusion of butter too soon to the mixture. Several recipes mention only adding butter once the sugar has been completely dissolved into the other liquid. The fat in the milk and butter are essential to the process, but it seems that every recipe I've looked at calls for adding the butter as the last step before beating vigorously and then leaving to set. I see no good explanation as to why, but it's a possibility. Maybe?

    All this fudge troubleshooting has me craving it, but, you know, it sounds like a potential nightmare. I found a great candy shop in Brighton that sells homemade fudge...I think I'll start there. Also, I'd love to send you guys some for some real international flair!

  3. It wouldn't be clotted cream fudge, would it? Did I remember that right? Bad name - delicious fudge.

  4. I'm not really sure if they make it with clotted cream or not. I'll have to ask. But I've had ice cream made with clotted cream and it is truly to die for!