Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Need a Vacation (Updated)

It doesn't matter than I just got back from a long weekend away. I need another one.

I especially need a week to catch up on all this twittering and facebooking and stuff. Help. I'm overwhelmed. I've learned just enough to keep this blog fairly up to date with no bells and whistles, just sentences and pictures. But now, I have Facebook looming, and I'm scared of it. I registered because I wanted to have access to it if I needed it, but now I'm getting invitations and being put on friend lists and invited to twitter, and I know I can never keep up. I don't know how to do comments and responses and all the things I see on people's home pages. Like I said, I need at least a week just to learn how to do this. And then where am I going to get the time to keep it up?

Anyway ...

More beach pictures - mainly involving food.
We joined this nice man for lunch at the Magnolia Grill. It was very nice, not many people, and lots to look at. I didn't learn the whole story of the house, but I think it belonged to a doctor who had it moved there. I'm not sure all the old artifacts are original, but I tend to think a lot are. Very interesting. Debby picked up a brochure, so I'll add some of the history later if I think about it.

There were a lot of old radios scattered through the rooms, and the music playing was swing music and songs from the around the 40s. I see an old Glomerata on the bookcase.

The food was good, if a little rich. I ordered vegetable lasagna, and this was not exactly what I was expecting. Good, of course, as anything covered with cheese will be, but I've never had green beans in vegetable lasagna. I ate half, and Emily, Bobby, and I finished it off the next day - along with some of Debby's leftovers. She had crab cakes and shrimp on noodles.

Here's where we ate Friday night. Excellent. It was about as informal a place as you'll find, comfortable, happy, lots of children, and great food. I had blackened mahi-mahi, slaw, and something else. I don't remember what Debby had but it was just as good, according to her. We enjoyed a huge open window right by our table to look out over the water, but as the night went on, the wind was blowing so hard we didn't get to fight over that last cheese biscuit but had to use it to keep the basket from blowing away. Debby agreed to drive, and it was so nice to let her. She's familiar with Ft. Walton Beach/Destin, and I had no idea where we were, so I was content just to ride and look at the scenery. We stopped at Barnes and Noble to get our books. We came home with 6 books and a magazine between us. We never want to be bored. Fat chance when we're together.

Emily came the next day, and our cousin Bobby who lives in Ft. Walton Beach dropped by. We've been emailing but haven't seen each other in years. That was fun. Emily went pretty quickly to the beach, and Debby and I napped/read/embroidered/marveled at how Emily could stand all that sun and sand.

We went to Destin late in the afternoon to the Le Creuset store so Debby could spoil Emily and Ryan by buying them red cookware. She may have found herself a few things too.

I think they like it. Ryan even gave the Dutch oven a practice stir or two.

Our Saturday night meal was at Captain Dave's in Destin. It was a little less noisy, less crowded, but still good food. I think I got a variety of things - gave Emily my steamed oysters. The food was good and the company better. I can't relate all the tales from our childhood that Debby shared with Emily, but there were a lot of laughs. The more Debby and I talk, the more we remember and also the more we realize we'll never remember.

We got home and got to the door on the 7th floor and realized the condo key was in the car - the one that actually worked - so Emily ran - really - ran down 7 flights of stairs and back up again with the key. I think the elevator was still on its way up. Then we got worried that she had not locked the car, so she did it again. We were able to stay up a little while longer and be silly. It was sad going to bed knowing it was our last night.

Tomorrow - the last day and seeing Mr. Pants, the ballet cat.

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