Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cat Relatives

Not only have I gotten back in touch with some of my cousins lately, but I've also met their pets - through pictures so far except for Sherry's cats who slept with and on me when I visited them last year. And one of them even felt comfortable enough in my presence to take her departure to Kitty Heaven.
This is Nicholas who is alive and well - very alive and well. He and his brothers Finnegan and Bentley keep Sherry and David entertained - when they're not in Time-Out. This sweet face could never do anything bad!

I stole these pictures from Sherry's blog. They had bribed a squirrel with hamster food to entertain the boys while they were vacationing in the motor home. These cats should have plenty of Frequent RV Miles and may be headed to Alaska soon.

I got this picture last night from Debby. Her baby. So sweet. Gus from Luverne
A face only a Mother could love.

Then yesterday Bobby sent me some updated pictures of Mr Pants. Being the mascot for the Northwest Florida Ballet is not without its pitfalls

That's enough for one day, I think. Jack, the grandcat, will get his pictures here before long.

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