Friday, February 6, 2009


I'm trying to work today, but things are constantly going through my mind that I need to be doing or need to have already done. It seems like there is never enough time. These are the things that are bugging me today.

Taxes. I think I have everything ready to go to the tax lady, but I'm so afraid I'm missing something that I put off organizing them and checking them off. The main thing is that I never did taxes - ever. Mike just magically took care of them all, and I only had to produce a W2 form if I worked and sign my name a few times. Now that I'm responsible for this Alabama half of us, I have to get everything together from here. So far, I've thrown things into a folder, and I have copies of everything I sent last year, so it should be simple, right? I just need to sit down and do it.
Putting my things on ebay. I have the template ready, but I have to take pictures and write descriptions. Really, not a hard thing and kind of fun, but it takes TIME, which I don't have any of. It's also hopefully money, so that should motivate me.

Organizing my sewing room. It seems impossible. During Christmas when I wasn't sewing, I just piled "things" on the big cutting table. It's a day's work, and I don't have a spare day.

I'm guilty about not spending time with Darby. She's sitting on the other side of the baby gate with her puppy in her mouth just staring at my back. I can feel it. She doesn't say anything, but when I turn around, I know she'll be sitting there with those sad eyes. The cats are there too, but they're entertaining themselves knocking stuff off my sewing table. (The monster monitor in the background is an old one I pulled out of the closet when my old computer crashed to make sure it was not the monitor's fault, and that's as far as I got getting it back in the closet.)

I have 4 or 5 emails to answer, not just pecking out a quick answer, but to actually talk and answer questions and ask questions. I don't want to be rushed when I write, so I keep putting it off. And I wonder which of these tasks I could have accomplished in the time it took to write this.

One good thing though. While I was making a pot of coffee this afternoon - twice - see #2 here - I managed to throw a roast, a couple of potatoes, and an onion into the crock pot, so we'll have some good food this week.

And also, tomorrow is not Sunday, like I've been thinking all day, so I have an extra day to get something accomplished.

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