Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Generally Looking Up


After complaining about unpleasant duties hanging over my head yesterday, I can say that they all seem to be resolved. But not without a little work on my part. There was nothing magic about it. The two biggies were copying the tax stuff and sending it off. Gathering it was hard enough, but standing there and copying all those pieces of paper was pretty boring. I should have gone to the post office this afternoon, but I can't be perfect. Procrastination is what I'll be remembered for.

I did call Aetna about my having 2 insurance numbers. I managed to talk to a human after punching in every number associated with my life. She was pleasant and knew exactly what I needed and gave me the correct number. And also answered some general questions about my plan since I have no idea about insurance (or taxes).

So those things taken care of, I was able to do a test run on my newest serger, and it actually worked like it was supposed to, the way it should have done Monday night. Now maybe I'm ready to get creative. Maybe. It still scares me a little. So I got out something I know:
I started cutting the pieces for my mystery quilt. I didn't actually count the pieces involved in this, but it must be in the thousands. I've cut nearly 200 little squares and rectangles so far and have just gotten started. I look at those little pieces, and I'm already thinking that 1-inch pieces with a 1/4-inch seam on each side is going to end up 1/2 inch. In quilting, if the directions call for 1/4-inch seams, they're serious. Any fudging on this little quilt will lead to disaster. I think it'll be worth it in the end, because I saw the finished one hanging on the quilt shop wall, and it's outstanding. I guess anything with 1000+ pieces should be outstanding - if I follow the directions.

Mama is feeling like sewing again, and I hear her machine humming along. She's been embroidering butterflies on pillowcases all week. I would take her picture, but she's 6 days past the beauty shop, and she would want to go put on "something nice." She's been pretty polite about the things I wear for work, although sometimes she'll ask me if I got into some Clorox. Those stains are years old. If I didn't have to go out and get her newspaper every morning, I would probably not get dressed at all some days.

So now, all self-satisfied with half a day's work behind me and unpleasantries out of the way, I can enjoy the wonderfully gloomy afternoon with a cup of Land-O-Lakes hot chocolate (caramel today). The wind is blowing pretty hard, but according to the trusty Weather Channel map, all the rain is going to miss us. I think it's all in Andalusia. Nope, I called down there, and it missed them too. I even scrolled over to Mississippi and Arkansas to see if any promising storms were coming our way but saw only 1 small patch. Oh well, the gray sky and wind are enough to cheer me up until something better comes alone.

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