Monday, February 9, 2009

Busy Monday and Mystery Project

I have the serger class late this afternoon, so I'm having to work straight through today instead of having a 5-hour break. Things are quiet, like I like them, but I do have a mystery project to start. In fact, I kind of started on it already.

No one is going to remember that I promised not to start another project until I finished my UFOs. No one is going to remember that I promised to not even go inside a fabric store until I made progress on my other stuff. But I didn't buy a thing; I already had the whole project in a drawer just waiting for the right time. It might be the right time. We'll see. More later.


  1. Hi, Its always a nice suprise to find a project that you didn't remember having and the joy of starting something new. Looking foward to seeing the finsihed project. Barbara