Friday, January 23, 2009

Trip to Andalusia

My father-in-law. Never met a banana pudding he didn't like.

I try to get down to Andalusia for a visit with him a couple of times a month, but this is the first time I've managed it since Christmas. Sometimes I'll cook and freeze some things for him to microwave later, and he says he eats them. I don't really have proof that he does - except for the banana pudding! Today we went by the bank for a minor transaction that ended up taking forever and then went by Pizza Hut and got a pizza. Nothing really exciting, but I enjoy the good company and a change of scenery. He has an article that's been published in a publication called the Beachbell Echo (and I know I'll get this wrong) dedicated to his WWII army air corps group. As soon as it gets online, I'll post it here. He is a wonderful writer and story-teller and has written 2 children's books. I'll get some of those pictures up later.

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