Friday, January 2, 2009

Tall Plants

This narcissus has been so exciting to watch this Christmas. I'm not sure what caused it to grow so tall and only have one bloom, but it helps to cheer up the dreariness from the kitchen window.

I love the amaryllis flower but usually forget to start forcing one in time to bloom at Christmas. Same thing this year. I put a bulb in this big yellow pot and put it on the piano in the living room and forgot it. One day as I passed by it going to the kitchen, I noticed it had started to sprout. By the time I got a cup of coffee and came back through the living room, it had grown 2 inches. Well, not quite that fast, but it did seem to grow a few inches a day. Now it's ready to burst into bloom at any time, maybe even this afternoon. I can't wait to see it. For some reason, the amaryllis bulbs I've planted in the flower beds here have never done well.

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