Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Random Catch-up Pictures

Since my computer has been sick or dying for a couple of weeks, I haven't been able to post any pictures. That didn't keep me from taking them though, so here are a few that I had in my camera.

The amaryllis finally bloomed, and it was worth the wait.

Somebody doesn't feel good! But getting better day by day. Lying in the sunshine was a treat.

Having a friend to sympathize with always helps. One without claws. See below.

No one passes here without a password.

Miss Stella will ring the bell to get out, but she feels it demeans her and does it sullenly. It beats getting yelled out and having things thrown at her though when she scratches the carpet. Maybe. She's still thinking about that.

And finally, here is Sandy escorting Mama out of the beauty shop after getting her weekly hairdo.


  1. Hope Darby's feeling better. Kitty has decided that when she's come back in from an adventure outside, she need not sit and shake to get a treat from me. She'd rather flatten her ears at me and sulk than get a much-desired treat that was her Christmas present from you, Mama. I've also threatened to sprinkle some of these cat treats into Daddy's coffee (the maker filter). I'm interested to see if he drinks the coffee I make for him in the morning. I'm still waiting to see pics of the ring, also. Love to all,
    I'll try to attach pictures of Kitty and Daddy next time.

  2. You know Dad reads this, although I'm not sure he knows how to read comments. He'll never drink your coffee again - and I may not. You better watch the pictures. The ones of him I've seen lately might not - umm - work.