Thursday, January 22, 2009

Little Simplicity Quilt

This sweet little quilt is the target for my "one project completed every month" for January. I saw this line of fabrics last spring and bought enough to do a little table square. I loved working with these fabrics, and the pattern went together so nicely. It was fun to lay all those squares out on the table and play around with them and get pleasing combinations. So I finished piecing it and then had to figure out how to quilt it. I tried stitching in the ditch, but that didn't work well. I then decided to quilt it by hand. That was fun, but the pattern I chose was a little busy and wasn't what I was looking for. Sadly, I started about 20 others projects last summer, and it got abandoned. It's been folded on the shelf just waiting to be finished, so this morning, I carried it with me to the dentist's office and starting picking out those stitches. I think I will just do a simple diagonal stitch. I also stopped by Kudzu-Blossom, and Paula helped me pick out a border fabric, the green floral. (The leaves on the floor behind the table are from my jade plant that is rebelling because of something I did. I'll go into all that later. Notice Stella on her way to check them out too.)

I have 9 days. I think I can do it. It's not the actual work but deciding to set aside the time for it. The stitching I can do in an hour or so (if all goes well with the old walking foot). The hardest part about the border will be looking up directions for how wide to cut the fabric. Once it's cut, that should take just another hour, again if things go like they should. I also have those 2 First Saturday blocks to have finished by the first Saturday in February, which luckily falls on the 7th (which I figured out quickly because of the handy little self-adhesive calender strip that came in the company Christmas gift this year and that I looked at and said - WHAT? I don't need that - but that I stuck to my keyboard and refer to constantly). So a little reprieve there.

I wish I could start on it now, but I have to take Mama to the beauty shop when Days of our Lives is over. It sounds a little emotional in there, from what I can hear, but better than the yelling and shooting I heard earlier. Then I have to work 3 hours at some point and do a little cooking for my trip for Andalusia. There MIGHT be banana pudding involved - and possibly cornbread and ham casserole.


  1. That is gorgeous! So do you buy fabrics often from Etsy? I have never done it but it sounds great! Have a nice weekend.

  2. Thank you. That was misleading. I just used that link to show the fabrics. I actually bought them at my local quilt shop. Sounds like a good idea though if the price is right!