Friday, January 16, 2009

Ice in the Dishwasher

I think I mentioned once or twice about it being cold, but we've managed to avoid it pretty much. Except for washing clothes. It was a pretty good idea on the part of the former owners of this house to turn the laundry room inside into a large pantry (because most people spend more time standing there in front of the shelves and looking for things they thought they had bought but forgot where they put - or eating cookies - than they do washing clothes). The laundry room got relegated to a storage room in the garage, which is heated and pretty nice but still unpleasant to get to in the cold or heat. But that was the worst of my suffering today, that and holding the door open for a reluctant dog to go in and out. I think she really regretted not being litter box trained today.

I said a prayer or two during the day for homeless folks and others who aren't lucky enough to be as warm as we are, and I just completly forgot about my own daugher who spent the coldest night of the year with no heat. The girls haven't been too high on the student/intern housing there in Warm Springs from the start. It's supposed to be a "cottage" and sounds quite charming, but it's really just an old house with a leaky roof and mildew that they've divided into rooms - but it's free, so they can't complain, or maybe they can! Last night the heating system (whatever it is) broke, and the pipes burst, causing them to have ice in their dishwasher. I would not have wanted to be in that kitchen this morning with a bunch of shivering, fussing girls trying to get breakfast after a frigid night. She was still griping about when she called on the way to Mobile. She plans to take back a tent and air mattress plus plenty of blankets Sunday. If she stops here, she might can fight Grandmama for her fancy heated wrap. I think I know who would win. She would also have to contend with Stella who thinks her person has the best place in the house for napping.

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