Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Saturday Morning

That's what it's called when you take your quilt block back to the quit shop and trade it in for a new kit, but it's also the First Saturday of the new year. Working at home, I'm hardly ever out in the early mornings, and having to do this forced me to get out and go somewhere. It was overcast but warm, and on the drive over, I pretty much had the roads to myself - the back roads, that is. My so-called square was folded neatly in its little plastic bag and would have done a good job of fooling anyone into thinking I made a pretty square last night. On the contrary, I miscut one of the colors, and it threw the whole piece into confusion. The person giving out the kits never asks to look at your piece, but I confessed to Paula this morning to see if she had any more of that fabric, and she got me another kit. So maybe there will be a good football game again this afternoon and I can start over - or maybe I should concentrate more. I love going into Kudzu Blossom and seeing all the quilts hanging on the wall and hearing "quilt talk." I took a picture of what my 12 squares should look like when they're joined to a center piece, but someone needs to teach me how to take pictures. They all seem to be out of focus lately. The first picture is the center section, and the next picture shows the center section with all 12 squares arranged around it. We have 2 more squares to go. The next 12-month quilt was brought out and held up, and it was beautiful, but I still haven't put together last year's one and still have this one and the Double Wedding Ring quilt from the Cullman Quilt Symposium that Sherry and I went to last year. If I make 3 queen-size quilts in my lifetime, I'll call that a great success. Unlike Sherry, who makes queen-size quilts for all her family members - in ONE year. I think she's waiting patiently to quilt one for me one day. It will truly be a BIG day. Baby steps, though, baby steps. Let's see if I can get out this little kit today and do a better job.

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