Monday, January 5, 2009

Find the Kitty

Every morning when the back door is opened, Stella makes her way across the yard to climb up on this fence where our neighber has a beautiful Carolina jasmine that we get to enjoy. The vine happens to be a favorite place for birds, and Stella probably intends to find her breakfast there. So far, she has had to settle for Fancy Feast in the garage, but you can't blame her for trying.

I've never actually looked over into this yard (there's a double fence), but I'm convinced it's like a Secret Garden. I can see the top of a gazebo and magnolia trees, a banana plant, I believe, and other interesting foliage. The unfortunate thing is that the house is 2 stories, and the poor people who live there have to look down onto my yard. Which they probably try to avoid! There were 2 maple trees here when I moved in, and now there's only 1/2. I planted a dogwood, but the yard men mowed it down. Mike did work hard on the flower beds near the house, so they're coming along a little, and planted the 3 Leyland cypress trees, but what they mainly see is whatever toy Darby has managed to pull the stuffing out of that particular day. Once she gets the ear off her little animal, the opening is there, and she delights in pulling the stuffing out and romping all over the yard with it until it looks like an Alabama snowfall. If I catch it in time, I can sew up the ear hole and prevent this, but she seems to hide it from me until I've neglected her for a few hours in the yard. One day when I'm walking by this house, I'll stop and introduce myself (confess) and maybe get a chance to see that garden for myself.

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