Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas Holdout

Every year for as long as I can remember, there will be some Christmas item that fails to get put away in December. Usually it shows up within a few days or sometimes not until the summer when some jingle bell or ornament gets pulled out from under a bed where it was chased by a cat. One year it was a Santa magnet on the refrigerator that I must have looked at 3 or 4 times a day for months and just accepted. Last fall, Mike asked why I had already put a Christmas arrangement on top of the refrigerator. I usually keep a basket of artificial ivy there and hadn't even noticed the red berries. OK, I'm short. Or not very observant. I was feeling pretty good about not having a holdout this year until I saw this last week:

Now this is where I sit and drink my coffee and read the paper every morning. Granted, it takes about 23 seconds to read the Montgomery paper, but I am usually in that chair every morning for that amount of time. Then at night, that's where I sit to read a little or do needlework. So I'm not sure how I could have looked in that direction for 2 weeks and not have seen anything out of place. I think he may have made a case for being a permanent fixture. I could take the Christmas green bow off and change it seasonally.

I hope to get a few things accomplished today, like getting the tax stuff ready to mail to Mike and finishing up that one cabinet I've been working on. My sewing room needs work, and I have not only the 1 monthly quilt square to do before February but 2, since I messed up the last one.

I have a bad procrastination habit, and I'm going to try to make myself finish one sewing project a month - just one; that means hemming, binding, clipping thread - whatever it takes to say I've finished something. In the meantime, I vow NOT to start a new project or buy anything else. I won't even go inside a fabric shop. I have 16 days.

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