Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Computers and Beyond

Sam and Luay confirm the demise of my faithful former computer, although Sam doesn't look quite as upset as he might have. When I asked what might have caused it to die (burn), they suggested that it could be lots of things, like age (I agree, as it was 5 years old), dust (I'm sure they weren't talking to me), and maybe leaving it on all the time for 5 years (again that might have been someone else). Anyway, it had been sick for several months, so I wasn't surprised and had my must-haves for a new one ready that Ryan had outlined for me. They scanned the list and didn't hesitate a bit but showed me a shiny new computer, including the monitor, with everything on the list (pretty much) for a good bit less than my Monday's estimate.

This is just a portion of the store. It's quite nice, and they have a large inventory of whatever it is people need for computers. It's on Fairview in Montgomery, and the only complaint I have is that the parking lot, which serves several stores, has holes big enough to swallow a small car and cause quite a bit of trauma to a big one (which I experienced twice before I learned to come in from the side road). Other than that, these are the nicest guys you'd ever find to do business with. They've put up with me over the months since I've been here with humor and patience. I told them if things didn't work out, I would be back complaining, and Luay said, "I know." But in a nice way! They are originally from Jerusalem and have no preference in football teams, but I made a small bit of progress in turning Sam into an Auburn fan.

Luay makes everything okay once again and sends me off cheerfully with my new toy, which is running fine with pictures and email and everything. I just wish it came with a little expertise.


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