Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bursting the Blue Bubble

I thought I would get a head start on my UFO to finish for February, but I'm thinking this little object will remain unfinished, or at least until I get a little Velcro or even duct tape. There's a reason things get put back for years and never finished. It's not that you lose interest so much or run out of time, but it's because you run into that little snag that can't be figured out easily. For some reason, you think if you put it away for 5 years, when you bring it out again, you may have gained the knowledge or skills to finish it. When I was taking heirloom sewing classes in Meridian many years ago, I was learning a lot of new things, and I did put some things aside to finish later so I could go on to new things, but this little outfit was hidden away because I got frustrated about how to get it to close at the bottom. So I got it out again today and realized I'm still frustrated; nothing is going to work. Except maybe those little Velcro circles.

I also need to be really honest; this particular outfit will fit a normal-sized baby maybe 20 minutes, the way they grow. And if it's worn one time, that will be it. No mother of a newborn baby is going to spend 15 minutes placing and ironing those pleats or fighting those teeny buttons that are just a lttle larger than a pinhead. If it weren't for the fact that I did an amazingly good job of putting the piping on the collar and sleeves (it's hard; I can brag), I would just toss it. I'm not even sure I actually did that - it doesn't look like my usual mess. But if someone else had done it, I would have had them finish the legs.
This will make a perfect outfit to hang in a nursery BEFORE a baby is born and think about how cute it is and how exciting it will to dress him in all those little clothes. But one spit-up episode is going to send it to the bottom of the laundry basket never to see the light again.

You have to admit, the back is kinda cute though.


  1. This is so sweet! It would have been perfect for my son who was baptized at 3 weeks. In Dothan. In December. What can I say? It's hot there.

  2. You're right about Dothan. Don't need coats for sure. This little suit might be the perfect thing for a one-time wear like a christening or maybe a picture - the duct tape won't necessarity show!