Wednesday, February 7, 2018

New Cousin

This is the sweet angel face of my newest cousin, Sophia Isabella.  She was born January 28th - Debby's new granddaughter - the first girl after 4 sons and 4 grandsons.  Such a joy.

Debby and Tom got to meet her in the hospital.

Debby is there soaking up all the love and snuggles this week and sends me pictures when she has time.

Mom and Dad Brent and Courtney Ray.   And Big Brother Waylon.

Looking forward to watching her grow and hope to meet her one day.  I wish Graysen and Katherine could know their cousins, but they're a long way apart - all the way from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

As are these sweet cousins from St. Augustine.  Sherry and David spent Christmas with them and got to enjoy them for a week or so.  I stole these pictures from Facebook (as I did a few of Sophia's).

Emma and Trevor working on their gingerbread house.  I would love to see all five of them playing together one day.  Mom and Dad are Najla and Ryan.

Our local girls were able to get outside this morning and play in their new yard.

Graysen planned a play all morning and actually got Katherine to go along with it.  Little Red Riding Hood and the Dragon.  She picked out all the components of the costumes.  I thought it was a good job, especially having Kate agree to wear them all.  She doesn't look too happy here, but she was very serious about it.  When you have a big sister, you have to remember exactly when to grab the basket and run - or not grab the basket.

And a video only the relatives will sit through.

It was a great day today.  Tuesdays are our day with no school and no gymnastics, and the day sometimes gets a little long, but it was all good.   It helped to have a Valentine package from Aunt Kathy and Uncle Alan to enjoy this morning.  Katherine had already eaten one piece of candy and talked Graysen into opening another one before breakfast.  Graysen wants to keep hers uneaten because they look so pretty in the box!

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