Thursday, September 7, 2017

First Day of School 2017

Actually, Kate has been in "school" for a month now, but today was the first day of getting them both to school in two different places.  I probably made it harder than I should have, but I had a window of 15 minutes to get Kate delivered and then get Graysen to her school 10-15 minutes away.

They were helpful in getting ready and didn't veto anything suggested even though Kate almost insisted on wearing her rainbow pajamas.

I think Kate thinks she's posing very prettily for me with her boots on the wrong feet.

 They both got to take their lunches in their much-loved lunch boxes.  Owls and butterflies.

 There was just a tiny bit of anxiety from Graysen, not much but enough to catch a few poignant looks.

We parked in the same place as last year but walked up to a different door this time, stopping to watch one of the ducks try to get a little grass from outside the fence.

Right after we saw this, the goat came over and tried to knock over one of the sheep.  Graysen is scared of the goats a little bit, so that didn't help.

Lots of new kids this year but a few of last year's group.  Best friend Brooklyn only goes to afternoon classes, so that was kind of sad until after lunch.

Not absolutely sure of going in this new classroom.

It got better when she found her cubby and put up her boots and lunch box.

Tater was everywhere, seemingly excited about school starting back.  He was probably lonely all summer.

We've been talking about writing her name over the summer, but I never saw her write the whole thing.  But she aced it with that left hand.  I noticed the little girl in front of her was also left-handed.  You can see Tater's signature on the other paper.

Circle time and a whole bunch of new friends.  She was happy but tired when Emily picked her up at the end of the day.  Going all day is a little different for them.

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