Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Pretty Things

Besides the coffee and the chocolate and the hibiscus leaves, Gaby and Dina brought me some hand-woven fabric from Guatemala.

This was my favorite one, and I've finally cleared my dining table enough to display it today.

It just makes me happy and makes me think of the sweetest girls and how much fun we had at the beach.

Look at that sunshine!  And we're having more than a week of 0% chance of rain.  Just in time for a visit from an old young friend from Thomaston, and now New Orleans, Rebekah.  I'm sure she had her heart set on that famous Seattle rain though.

I worked hard on my balcony this morning, vacuuming up birdseed and rearranging.  This is pretty good for a start.  We just need those days of sunshine to make the plants grow.

That tomato plant is planted on faith we'll get enough sunshine.  There is a blossom on there now.  I'm planting some peas in the morning in several of the pots.  If nothing more, it will add some pretty vines.

Mike sprayed these wicker rockers in Montgomery, and they're looking a little forlorn.  I won't be spraying, but I do need to touch them up with some black paint.  And maybe new cushions.

I really want to sit out there, but it's still a little cool even in the middle of the day.  So strange in the middle of June, but I think I like it better than the heat. My power bill should be pretty nice this month.

 I'll take a quilt and sit there late this afternoon with a cup of coffee and my book and see how that goes.  My reward after a day of cleaning.

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