Monday, June 5, 2017

A Good Weekend to Begin the Summer

I'm not sure I can actually say the word "summer" as long as I have my heat on sometimes, but it's June, so we'll go for it.

It was a good busy weekend, and I'm so thankful for it.

Friday was the Rooster Valley Farm School's graduation/carnival, and there was some conversation about whether we would take Graysen.  Positives were that she loves bouncy houses and that she would see her friends and play.  Negatives were that Emily couldn't go, and early afternoon is not a good time for Kate (nap time).  She was not graduating and would never know about it so wouldn't mind missing it.  They were given shirts on Wednesday to wear Friday, and I didn't even make it to the car with Graysen's.  It's really a mystery.  I had it in my arms with her other end-of-school things but stopped to talk to a few people on the way to the car.  When I went to look for it later, it was not in the car or any of my bags.  I even drove by the school, thinking I might have dropped it beside the car but did not see it.  It was gray, and she didn't love it and probably would not have worn it anyway.

Sooo, after a lot of discussion, I decided I would take the girls out for an early lunch and take a look at how crowded things seemed to be at the school and make a decision then.

Going to Dairy Freeze is such a treat for the girls, and I think it was more the eating outside on the red picnic table and benches than the actual food.  Although once we found out they had corn dogs, there was no doubt about what the girls wanted.  Corn dogs, French fries, and lemonade!  Mimi lunch.

The best thing was that just as we sat down, a familiar car drove up - and it was Brooklyn!  And her mom.  How exciting!  They ordered their food, and we had a fun lunch.  Carrie said she and Brooklyn were going to the carnival, so that decided it.  I took a wet and sleeping baby home to her dad, and Graysen and I went back to the school.

It was 2 hours of nonstop fun for the girls.  While graduation was going on for pre-K, the preschoolers played wildly in the tree house and on the riding toys.  Notice the clothing the girls chose to wear today.   These are 2 girly girls for sure.  Without a skirt or tutu, they don't feel completely dressed.

Those flip-flops were not the best shoe choice and ended up in my purse.

One of the group actually rode a horse!  And one did not.  But it was okay.

Sweet girl.  She always thinks she wants to ride, but once she sees the size of the animal, she decides not to.  She was pretty brave to have her picture taken with the horse though.

It was a beautiful day - even hot.  So many people milling around and LOTS of children.  I was glad not to have Kate to keep up with.

The girls first got tattoos.  It's serious business to offer your arm to a complete stranger.

It looks like even Chloe got one.  This is such a beautiful and solemn baby.  Her sister Gracie is in Graysen's class, and I've watched Chloe go from a baby to a toddler - just like Kate - looking for mud puddles and throwing rocks.  I've yet to get a smile from her, but maybe next year I will.

The bouncy houses were Graysen's only reason for going though, and thank goodness there were no big lines.

She and Brooklyn settled on this one and would come right out and get in line again.  The man, Ethan, I think, is the husband of one of the teachers, and he was wonderful with the children - full of funny quips and rhymes and fake names for them.  He kept them going in and out at a pretty rapid pace, and Carrie and I found a picnic table and some water to keep us content.

She did take a cotton candy break.  She wanted pink, but the teenage boys running the machine didn't ask, so she got blue.  She handled it really well and ate most of it with little mess.

You'd think 2 hours was enough, but when it was time to go, Graysen cried.   Good decision to attend, thanks to Carrie and Brooklyn.

When she got home, Ryan was ready to take her fishing, so I sat with Kate while she slept until Emily got home.

I didn't ask, but I bet she had no trouble going to bed early and sleeping hard.  Me either!

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