Wednesday, February 15, 2017


We've had two days of sunshine - not all the time - but enough to make you have hope.  The girls and I walked to the park this morning, and they had a great time - swinging, bouncing, climbing, screaming - even a game of hide-and-seek.

Katherine is getting braver and braver and climbing faster than I can get beneath her.  She went down the slide today time after time with no one to hold onto her.  Sometimes her feet went first, and sometimes they were sideways in the air, but she was thrilled.  Graysen and a little boy played the whole time.  I don't think he spoke a word of English, and she certainly didn't speak Russian, but that didn't matter.  They were tumbling down the slide head over heels without too much conversation.  I heard her say once, "Hey, that's not funny," as she untangled herself from him.  He said beaming, "Funny!""  I don't ever have time to take pictures there but got a short video of them swinging.

We then walked over to the apartment in no hurry at all.  Graysen has been throwing rocks in the water for a long time, but Katherine is just discovering it.

The last three words "Okay, let's go" were said very optimistically and were totally unrealistic.  There was no way Katherine was going to leave that rock-throwing fun.  Graysen and I would walk away a little bit and call her, but she never even acknowledged us.  I finally went back and picked her up, and she had a fantastic little tantrum that I should have recorded.  It's impossible to get a stiff and screaming baby in a stroller if she doesn't want to bend her legs.  I finally got one leg and one arm strapped in enough to keep her from throwing herself out on the road and just travelled on with her accompanying yells.  It took the garbage truck to finally silence her, and then when we passed a couple of young guys working on a walkway, she sat up and waved and said "Hi!"  No mention of being unhappy after that.

We spent a nice day inside with one walk to the office to pick up a package and go to the mailbox.  It was too cold and windy to walk to the library, so we came home.

I think the rain should start tonight - but it will be warmer rain - and a welcome change from the past few weeks.

A few pictures from yesterday.  Graysen's 4th birthday and her school's Valentine party.  So much excitement.  There was so much going on I didn't get pictures of her gifts or her valentines, but I'll try to do that tomorrow.  On their birthdays, the teachers send home a cake with the student, and this was Graysen's.  Just looking through the box, I thought it was a big "Y", but when we opened it, I saw it was a rooster shape (for Rooster Valley Farm School).  The rocks were a big hit too.  I may have been overly excited over seeing them.  They just looked so real.  I knew they were edible, so I tasted one - and it was so good.  Rocks and roosters - there must be a connection.  Whatever - it was just a fun day.

Getting ready for school in the skirts Aunt Kathy and Uncle Alan sent them.  Graysen liked her pink one best so chose that instead of the red one.  She wore the red one with gold hearts today!

She really wanted to wear her new nightgown from Mom and Dad but was finally talked out of that!

I've found out if I let Graysen make mad/mean faces, she will crack up at herself and let me get a genuine smile.  Sometimes.  

Kate is thankfully not particular about what she wears and will let you put just about anything on her.
She will hardly ever be still though.

She loves this Mickey Mouse book from Grandma and Grandpa Bindert.

Ready to go!

Raggedy Ann legs.

Kate came home and got into bed and played and refused to nap once more.  This video is way too long, but I don't have time to edit (or really know how), so grandparents can enjoy it!

Two fun days this week and 3 more to go.  I need to pull out some new tricks for tomorrow if it's raining.  

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