Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Snow - Enough Already

We moved here the middle of January last year and had not one threat of snow, actually not many days when the temperature got below freezing.

It's the complete opposite this year.  Starting right before Christmas, we've hardly gone a week without snow or the threat of it and, if not snow, howling winds and frigid temps. 

I kept repeating to myself and anyone else who would listen that if I could make it through January, I would be okay.  Imagine my surprise when the biggest snowfall in years arrived this weekend.  

In the South, snow never surprised us.  There would be days and days of over-excited meteorologists and much wishful thinking and prayers going up from us snow-deprived folks.  And usually disappointment.  

I got so used to seeing that little snowflake on the weather app that I was taken completely by surprise by this latest bout.  By the time I noticed it, it looked like this.

Also in the South, the snow comes during the night or early morning and is usually gone by the end of the day.  Not so this weekend.  It snowed and snowed and snowed - all day Sunday and all day Monday.  Once I knew I didn't have to get out in it, I kind of enjoyed watching it and seeing how beautiful it made my surroundings.

I was out of bird feed Friday when the first snow came, so the girls and I crumbled up some breadcrumbs for the little chickadees hopping around.  

They didn't touch it but did finish every last seed that was left on the balcony.  This closest I could come to something they would like was peanut butter and flax seed.  I think they gave up on me and haven't been back.

Molly took a peek but wasn't wanting to leave her warm spot by the fire.

Emily and Ryan and the girls ventured out and made some snowmen or ladies, Graysen said.  I've yet to get any pictures.  I really did enjoy my few days snuggled by the fire with my books.

And it kept on and on.  I watched this one little round bush between the two spiky ones, and it did end up completely covered before the day was over.

It was back to work this morning.  I was afraid to go down my stairs and to my car, so Ryan brought the girls to me while they went to work.  We had a good morning talking about the snow and birds and making oatmeal cookies - which neither girl particularly liked - past the licking the beater stage.  

We watched the snowblowers working below us.  I think I mentioned it was a good thing I didn't have an outdoor job, and that includes snow blowing.  Those are my stairs directly below, and they still look pretty covered.  

It still looks slippery, and my car is still surrounded by snow and ice.  Someone came a little too close for comfort parking or pulling out this morning.

Sometimes I temporarily take leave of my senses, and this morning was one of those occasions.  I did gain a good 45 minutes of alone time because the girls played very nicely in the shower area transferring rice from spoon to cup to bowl and burying little animals.  

I do realize it's going to be a big cleanup, but that's what vacuum cleaners are for.  I didn't make the mistake of giving them flour to play with like Emily did not too long ago.

It's "supposed" to warm up to the high 40s the rest of the week, although with rain, but I'm so looking forward to even walking to the mailbox.  I have books piling up in the hold section of the library just waiting for me.  


  1. Your photos are very lovely. I enjoy seeing them.

  2. Thank you, Jeannie. I'm so envious of your roses and beautiful sanctuary you've made for sewing and relaxing. I love the simplicity of living in an apartment, but I do miss gardening and enjoying my yard.