Monday, February 27, 2017

Enough Already

This snow!!

As I trudged to the car this morning after another snow fall last night (and still falling this morning), I thought about it being March in 2 days and surely this has to be the end of it.

It pretty much snowed all morning up until around noon when we left to take Graysen to school.
The roads were clear, so it was just a pretty drive.  I made sure she had on double everything plus her heaviest coat and mittens and boots and hat for playing on the playground.  Imagine our surprise when we got near the school and found out it had not even snowed there.  There were lots of over-bundled-up kids, but it was still cold.

As Kate and I headed home, the snow turned to rain, and it began to look like the end of things.

At 3:00 when I picked Graysen up, it was beginning to snow softly, but it didn't bother us.  We still stopped to talk to friends and greet the chickens.  The streets were clear, and it seemed done.  I did notice some ominous-looking clouds though.  It was good to finally be inside and shed all the wet clothing and get warm.  I didn't even look outside until about 4:30, and when I did, I was so amazed.  The street and driveway were completely covered, and the snow was coming down like a blizzard.

What used to be the driveway and street.

My poor Georgia car bravely withstanding yet another blanket.

 I think we ended up getting 4 inches in 2 hours.

The girls sort of wanted to go out and play in it, but they were just getting dry, so I talked them out of it.  They got to put one foot in it and made baby toe prints.

I texted Emily and asked how the interstate was from Issaquah, and they were just coming out of the grocery store and shocked at how much white there was in the 30 minutes they were inside.  This was just a complete surprise to everyone.

The next I heard from them, they were stranded under the overpass at our exit and unable to get up the hill to the Ridge.  Emily took this from her car.

I kept up by reading the Snoqualmie FB page and found out the Parkway had been closed - which is the only way of getting home for Emily and Ryan.  Scary.

I made the girls pancakes and was getting ready to get baths and prepare to spend the night when Emily came in first.  The snowblowers had gotten stuck behind back up traffic on the other end of town, so police cars kind of guided folks down the parkway - slowly.  I just saw pictures of so many abandoned cars along the parkway.  I guess people just decided to walk home.

This was I-90 about 9:30 p.m. - traffic at a standstill.  Poor people.  Even if they could get off at the exits, there are almost no hotels here.

Since the roads weren't that slippery, Ryan drove me home in my car and then walked back home.  By that time, I was really kind of enjoying walking in it.  If I had had on my boots and big coat, I think I would have taken a walk all by myself.  I love the quietness and the sound of the snow when you walk on it.  But I was also glad to see the warm house.  Maybe we'll have a snow day tomorrow, and I can get some extra sleep.

Not snow related, but Graysen is studying the letter P this week.  This is about the way I feel now.

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