Friday, January 27, 2017


This is not the first time Graysen has spent the night with me - it's the second - but it's the first time her mommy has been over 2000 miles away.

We started the morning at 6:00 when Ryan took Emily and Katherine to the airport for their trip to Alabama.  Graysen and I both had been up since 2:30 and were both just worn out, so I turned on some lullaby music and let her lie down in her sleeping bag.  She was asleep within 10 minutes and so was I.  We both slept for 3 hours - much needed by both of us.  We walked to the office after lunch to pick up a few packages and check out the pool's winter look, then to get the mail and to watch men on tall ladders working on the roof.  Dance was at 3:00 and grocery store after that for a few things.  She got to push her little shopping cart and loved it so much.  This usually shy little girl was so outspoken today to anyone who talked to her.  She just burst out with explanations about her birthday coming up and her sister's birthday and a sleepover at her friend's house Saturday night.  When someone asked her when her birthday was, she poked me with her elbow and whispered, "What is that month, Mimi?"

After supper, a visit from her Dad, and a loooong bath, she got to watch one episode of "Octonauts" and one "Sofia the First."

Then the lullaby music.

Almost there.

Kind of makes me forget the 650 times she asked "Why?" today.

That was last night.  So close, but she could never quite get to sleep.

I asked about 9:00 if she wanted to sleep in my bed, and she readily agreed, so we lay down and talked about what was bothering her:  A dinosaur  She had seen one in a TV show the day before - not a "real" one but one made of metal.  It scared her, and she needed reassuring that she was safe from it.  I needed to "tell the story again" twice more before she fell asleep.  I never got up, and we both slept for nearly 12 hours.  

Today has been good, and it was good to see the sun shine.  I have to admit January has been a hard month for me - the cold, the snow, the wind, the gray skies.  And on top of that, I'm still not able to get through a day without being sad or down in some way, although this is getting better.  I think if I can shake this cold and cough I have, things will start to look up.  I can't believe how many days I have coughed and sniffed - nearly 3 weeks.  It will get better and then get worse - really bad - so much it makes me tired.  I stopped at the pharmacy today and got a double-barreled weapon.  A daytime non-drowsy Robitussin DM and a nighttime one too.  I'm taking Graysen back to her dad for tonight and most of tomorrow, so I might do nothing but sleep and try to get better.  

Emily and Katherine are enjoying their visit to Andalusia, as evidenced by the chatty videos and the sweet pictures I've been getting.  I think both girls will benefit from being the only child for a few days.  I know Graysen cannot have been any sweeter.  

She asked for "yellow" eggs and bacon, so that's what we had for breakfast.  She picked out the yogurt yesterday and ate a huge breakfast - for her.

Tonight after cleaning up and just before going home.  These girls are on the plane going to Candyland.  We need a beauty shop!

I'll miss her.

Kate with her UNC outfit on in the Atlanta airport.  I think she started out with a Seahawks sweatshirt, so maybe she'll end up with an Auburn shirt at some point.

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