Sunday, January 1, 2017

It's a Lovely New Year

I love clean slates, and what better way to start the new year than for a beautiful white morning to wake up to.

I have no desire to get out in it, but it is so pretty to look at and enjoy the quiet and peaceful day.  Right now, there are no sounds at all, just complete silence to contemplate where this new year is going to take me.

I am so thankful for comfort this morning.  I was cold when I got up, but in just minutes I had the living room cozy with a fire and the smell of coffee.  I thought about putting on the red plaid flannel pajamas that Karen gave me last week - we all matched Christmas morning.  I did put on Debby's blue sheep fuzzy socks she sent along with my sparkly snowflake shirt and old green (paint-stained) velvet pants.  I think I'm perfectly dressed for the morning!  

If anyone asks me what I want or need, I'm always at a loss, but I'm lucky enough to have family and friends who know exactly what I want.  I'm savoring so many of the gifts this morning.  Comfort Zone Tranquillity (2 l's) shower cream and body lotion,  A lovely new planner and journal that's going to make this coming year MINE!  I'm going to be so organized and less frazzled.  Thanks to Rosanne and Debby for these perfect gifts.

The one gift that's already saved my sanity and lots of time and one I think I won't be able to do without:

Emily and Ryan have about had it with my never knowing where my phone or keys are, so they gave me this!  

This neat little gadget can be programmed into your phone to locate anything you might misplace, and I can't even remember how many times I've used it already - twice within 15 minutes of activating it.

It comes with 4 tiles, but I only need two right now.  I have one on my keychain and one in my purse in addition to the one programmed into my phone.  If I have any one of the three (and even I have trouble losing all 3 of them at once), then I can find the missing one.  A click on my key tile finds my phone and a click on my phone finds my keys.  One or 2 click from my purse find either of the other 2.  

Emily also is using 2 of them and has my information in her phone, so she can keep track of me at all times - or at least my possessions.  The nice thing is getting in your car and clicking the tile on the keychain and never having to dig in your purse to find out if you have your phone with you.  

I may be overly excited about this little gadget!  

I want to write about so many things that have happened lately (the Nutcracker, for one) and the new things in the coming year, but taking the time to do it really messes up my vow to  be more productive.  Maybe I can do a little of both.

One of the sweetest Christmases I've ever had! 

And one of the saddest.  The memories are sweet though.

Looks like yet another record album!

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