Sunday, November 12, 2017

I'm already miserable

It will be just cold enough to make it uncomfortable and make messy raincoat and boots messes wherever we go.  The girls usually find the most interesting things to look at in the sky or across the street when I'm standing there waiting for them to crawl into their car seats.

I keep hearing rumors that this winter will be colder than the last one - which was a "moderate" La Nina season.  Snow lovers around here are already excited about it.

This is something we've enjoyed the past week on gloomy days.  This year, the Christmas cactus was a Halloween cactus.  For some reason, Kate calls this "her" plant and mentions it several times a day.

Other than finally getting the carpets cleaned Thursday, it's been a pretty normal week.  Halloween is over, and there has been lots of talk about Thanksgiving by Graysen.   She drew a pretty blue-headed turkey.

And Kate did her own thing.  She said she was drawing cages for the animals.  I love those grubby little fingers.

Thursday was the usual gymnastics day for Graysen (in the rain - I don't think it's ever NOT rained on a Thursday).  There is a little table full of older "gym" toys for little sisters and brothers to play with, and Kate just loves them.  A snack is always nice too.  When Graysen gets finished with her class, she wants to stay and play too, so we're always the last ones to leave.  I'm sure if they had these toys at home, they wouldn't be half as much fun.

Afterwards, at the last minute, I decided we would go to our usual hangout, the Dairy Freeze, and get corn dogs.  So exciting still!  We like to go at 11:30 before it gets crowded.  There was one man sitting waiting for his order, and Kate went right up to him and started explaining how her coat zipper worked.  He must have been a dad because he carried on a nice conversation with her while I ordered.  

That's all I can remember of the week. 

Except for a sad day Friday when we lost the best cat ever - Jack.  He had been acting like he was feeling bad lately, but when he stopped eating, we knew something was wrong.  He's the cat that could bite through cat food cans to get into them, and eating was pretty much the top thing on his cat calendar.  

Here are some pictures of him through the years.  He was 15 and a South Dakota barn cat.  He gave us a lot of pleasure and love.

We'll all miss him a lot.  He was my first and only grandcat.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Now November

And it looks like the bears are STILL roaming.

There have been so many bear sightings this fall in and around town, but this one is especially scary because this is the crosswalk the kids and I take when we walk back and forth between houses.

When Mike and I would take the small lane near here, he would always mention bears and bobcats to me, relishing my reaction.  Looks like he may have been right.  He would show me the packed-down grass and tell me that a bear had been sleeping there.  I kind of didn't believe him, but I always make sure we are noisy when we go down that path so we don't get surprised.  I think it's time for them to go to sleep.  Maybe this rain that started this morning will make them sleepy.

Halloween Day was really pretty and sunny but cold.  Elise and I went over to see the girls in their costumes but didn't go trick-or-treating with them this year because they were going to drive to meet friends.  I'm waiting for Emily to send me some pictures since I'm still waiting on a new phone and using a temporary one.

We did attend the Halloween parade and party at Rooster Valley last Friday though, and there was so much cuteness.  These are the only pictures we have of that.

They really got into the spirit of being cats and loved the face-painting and ears.  They also liked saying "Meow" a lot and licking their paws.

Here are some of Graysen's friends.

Brooklyn, the pinkest cowgirl I've ever seen - pink, of course.

Stella was a skeleton princess and was pretty spooky in person.

Sweet Finley as Ariel.

Just got this one from last night.

This year, Graysen and Katherine both are having so much fun with friends.  It's cute to see Graysen and her friends greeting each other by name and giving hugs and saying, "I like your (whatever)."  Even Kate will talk about who she played with at school - either Noah, Nora, or Noelle - I can never be sure.  They're growing up so fast.  She's finally stopped being sad or crying when we drop her off and is just a wild child when we pick her up.  I love to see the big hug she gives Graysen when she sees us in the afternoon.

That rain sounds pretty hard.  I guess this will be the day to get my new rain boots out.  I see a lot of reading by the fire this week for Elise and me.  I'm checking out stacks of books every week and really enjoying reading again.  For a change, I've found a bunch of good ones and have about 20 on hold at the library.  A couple of weeks ago, I had 8 come in at the same time, and every one of them has been good.

The girls like to come to the apartment after school, and we enjoy that a lot.  After they get through eating and eating, they will play for a long time in the playroom which is now Elise's bedroom (she's generous).  Then they get to "watch somepin".  We have always liked the book, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie," and now Netflix (or Amazon Prime - can't remember) has several animated shows with the mouse that they love.  That mouse exhausts me though with his demands.  Paw Patrol and Pocoyo are still their favorites though.

I've put it off long enough.  It's time to get wet.

Adding some really sweet pictures.  My brother sent me these from the nursing home.  I have a really sweet niece Robin, and she spends a lot of time doing Mama's nails and hair.  Love her!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Busy Times

Nothing really exciting to talk about.  Just the usual busy weekdays and some weekend fun too.

The weather is cooler with rain sometimes but not miserable yet.  The bright sunny days are worth waiting for, and we treasure them.  One morning, just as we got to school, the pouring rain changed to little bits of hail while we were walking in.  Then by the afternoon the sun was out, and the girls were able to enjoy the afternoon outside playing in the leaves and digging and cooking.

I have very few pictures of things we did - just didn't have my phone handy or didn't remember.  I have to depend on the ones other people send me.

We did go to Remlinger Farms last weekend.  This is a really neat place not too far from us in Carnation, WA.  There seems to be a lot more to it than what we saw.  I'd like to go back again and visit the market and just look around.  We loaded up the car and drove with a lot of singing and excitement to "get pumpkins."  The event we went to was very well organized with plenty of parking and a close walk from the car to the pumpkins.  Each child under a certain age got to pick one to take home.  After that, we ate lunch.  There were hamburgers and hot dogs being cooked, and it smelled delicious.  We loaded our plates and headed to the picnic area.  On the way, Graysen ran into two of her school friends, and we stopped to chat with them and meet other family members.  So sweet.

After the lunch, we went to the amusement park, and for me, it was very nice, sitting on the bench with all the "stuff" and sometimes Kate while the others rode the roller coaster and pumpkin rides.  Kate rode the pumpkin one too.  We met up with Jessica, Chad, Paige, and James, and that was more fun to have friends along.  They went through the hay maze and petting zoo and bouncy house and whatever else the girls wanted to do.

Emily enjoyed the rides a lot more than the children, I think.  Behind them are all the Kilbournes.

Sweet best friends - Paige and Graysen.

Sunday afternoon I was invited to a Halloween tea party.  With sparkly pumpkins, spider tablecloth, and a real china tea-set.

Emily and the girls had made and decorated some cookies earlier.

Katherine was napping for the first part, but Graysen and her mom LOVE a good tea party.  They chose black dresses and shoes to start with, but Graysen decided the weather called for a sundress.  As long as you have on the right jewels.

Yesterday we went to North Bend to the home of friends so Graysen and Brooklyn could spend some time playing away from school.  I think they had a really good time - we never heard them the whole time - and Carrie and I spent some time having grownup time.  I was disappointed that I didn't take pictures, but I solved that.  I went to Carrie's FB page and stole some.

Their house is in a beautiful setting with a creek running through the back yard and huge tress surrounding it.  Here is the front entry, and the inside is decorated for fall and so cozy and welcoming.

This is Brooklyn and Reuben.  While the older girls played, Kate stayed close by me because a 72-pound dog trying to lick you is a little scary.  The peanut butter and pretzels on her hands kept him pretty interested in her.  Reuben asked for and got lots of loving from me though.  Those eyes!

It was such a good visit, and I hope we will make time to do it again.  

It's THIS kind of day today, drippy and gray, but still beautiful.  We're supposed to have storms this week, so I'm glad I got me some serious rain boots.  

Now that the new Safeway and other stores are finished, work has started on a new 5-story hotel.  Little town is growing, and I don't mind a bit of convenience.  The view is still beautiful all around us, and it's nice to have a grocery store a couple of blocks away instead of 10 miles away.

I like to try to take a few pictures when I can to send Emily at work.  The girls were cheerful and excited this morning.  Graysen is always excited to get to school, and Kate actually said good-bye to us this morning without crying or being sad.  Makes me happy!

They love to pick the white berries at school (snow berries, we call them) and throw them mindlessly.  Whatever gives them a thrill!

I have just a couple of hours left of my free day to enjoy listening to the rain and reading.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Pretty things

My street this morning.

Grandma Bindert brought playdoh that looks very seasonal.  Playing first thing before getting dressed. 

 We're all missing Grandma and Grandpa this week.

Emily's dahlias are lovely this year and lots of buds too.

Someone looks happy to be going to work.

Roz started this.

This was highly recommended as a healthy, although vile-tasting, remedy for helping prevent cold symptoms last year when I couldn't seem to get over one cold after another.

I decided I'd rather be sick than undergo another spoonful of this.  Emily is up for (almost) anything after the couple of weeks we've had.

We're off to gymnastics again in a few minutes.  I want to enjoy the pretty weather while I can.