Thursday, October 13, 2016


This is always a safe topic to talk about up here.  Yesterday as I made my rounds doing errands and taking Graysen to school and picking her up and even going into the apartment, I heard the warning several time - ENJOY this beautiful day because there won't be any more for a long time!

The 10-day weather report shows rain for all 10 days, from 60% to 100% every day.  And then this on Facebook last night.  Not to be outdone by the hurricane season across the country, we're going to have a little excitement this weekend - or maybe today.  I can do without the wind (well, I do like a little bit) - I just want to hear a little thunder.  At least I don't have a tree to worry about falling since our sweet birch died during the summer.

Yesterday was a beautiful day - cold and windy but sunny with blue skies.  The girls and I walked over to the park, and it made my heart happy to see the joy they got from just running through leaves and throwing them in the air and screaming.  I'll treasure these days because it won't last forever - this innocence.

I'm bad about taking pictures lately, but when I picked Graysen up at school yesterday, she was walking across the street hand in hand with her partner.  The entire front of her pants was covered with mud as well as her boots and most of her face.  So cute.  Her partner's shirt was in the same condition.  She started apologizing about getting dirty, but I loved it - that she and her friends had so much fun playing - something about a house and a shower and lots of giggles.

Updated to post this picture I found on the Rooster Valley Farm Facebook page.  Really cute kitty pictures too.  And to take out the name of her friend.  I'm not sure about posting pictures of other children, but they're on a public FB page, so I guess it's okay.

I took her to the grocery store where she exclaimed over everything she saw with gasps of delight.  She was called precious at least once and SO cute another - music to a Mimi's ears.  Taking her into the grocery store makes it a lot easier to go there - exchanging sad memories for happy ones.  If only Safeway would provide those little child-size shopping carts.  I kind of like her up in the seat though, where I can see her eyes light up over a box of mac and cheese and hear her exclaim over how beautiful the apples are.

Yesterday was a happy day and made me see that I can smile about things again and laugh and not always be burdened with so much sadness.  Friends and relatives still have not given up on me and send me notes and messages of encouragement, which I appreciate so much.

I'll try to get some pictures today.  I have some on my phone as well as some videos, but I'm not sure how to get them to this blog yet.  I might take some today if we get out.  It looks pretty gray out there right now, and I hear rain already.  It's going to be a good day.

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