Saturday, October 22, 2016

My Walk Home

These pictures are not only of the beautiful scenery I get to look at every day between my home and Emily and Ryan's home.  They are also symbolic of the first time I was able to take this walk and come into the apartment complex without crying.

This is what we would see when we drove or walked into our little alley between the apartments.  Mike loved that scene so much and never failed to comment on its beauty.  Sometimes snow, sometimes clouds, and sometimes sunshine.  Every time I turn in, my heart skips a beat and I get tears.

Today was better though, for some reason.  I just decided that this beauty needs to be savored and enjoyed.  By me too.  It was the first day I have actually felt joy and got the feeling that I can be happy in a lot of ways.  The tears and sadness are not going to change anything (although they can't be helped), and I need to not feel guilty about being happy.

After the bad weather last weekend, I was afraid all the pretty leaves would be gone, but I think they're even prettier this week.   There are about 4 streets I can take on this short walk, but I think this is the prettiest one.

This little area is so pretty in all seasons but especially today with the clouds.  In the South, this kind of cloud would mean you'd better take cover, but here it's only a just kidding kind of thing.  It could rain but then again it might not.

Mike treasured his Lenten Rose  that he moved from state to state, and I noticed last week that the landscapers have added one to the corner planting area.  Is this one of the signs we look for and hope to see?  I don't know, but I think it makes me happy.

I'm happy just walking along kicking the leaves lost in my thoughts.

Graysen thinks it's funny that this car wears a raincoat all the time.

And the one who keeps home happy and cheerful.  Old-fashioned nursery rhymes and apples dipped in yogurt.  It doesn't take much to make this one happy.  And therefore me.  

And my other buddy who never gets tired of exploring and digging in the rocks and dirt.

They're off to see the other grandparents in South Dakota tomorrow for a whole week, and I'll miss them.

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