Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Halloween Cactus and Other Plants

No birds of any kind on the balcony, but the plants are doing okay.  It's too chilly to sit out there most of the time now.

I brought my "Christmas" cactus in from the balcony the other night when we were having high winds,  I call it that although it pretty much blooms when it wants to.  After being inside a few days, I noticed that it is about to bloom - like soon.

It suits me.  I guess it has to get used to new surroundings too.  It's never been outside before this summer, and the leaves turned purple.  That's okay too.

The little fuschia was placed in a safe corner and almost forgotten, but I saw these blooms today.  I love those colors.

Mike's Lenten rose is doing just okay.  I think it misses being in a flower bed.   

As is Debby's succulent globe.

But the succulent basket the Binderts gave Mike for Father's Day in June had a little harvesting done the other day.  Graysen decided her animals were hungry and broke them off some "lettuce."  

My WA family is in SD this week, and I miss them, but I'm getting a lot of things done that I had put off doing.  

School pictures!

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