Thursday, October 27, 2016

Christmas Sewing

I can hardly believe it.  I actually sat down at my machine and sewed something.

The big surprise is that I could get far enough into the room to find the sewing machine.  But things are coming along and finding their way back into place from being put away.

I pulled out this Advent Calendar panel I bought one day while Mike sat in the car and did crossword puzzles while I shopped.  He pretended to be impressed when I showed it to him at home.  I'm so thankful for memories like this, however small, and I can smile at them now a little more.

Anyway, it was just what a needed for a rainy and windy day.  I had planned to get out, but once I heard the commotion outside, I just made my little fire and an extra pot of coffee and snuggled in for the day.   And felt sorry for the poor people having to move on a day like today.

I had planned to just pin and baste the pockets, but I enjoyed that so much, I went ahead and sewed the pockets down.

Then I found batting and a backing that would do.

I love this fabric so much and have saved it for years, for what I don't know.  I had a woodland creatures fabric in mind for the backing, and if I had gotten out, I probably would have bought it.

I think this is fine though, and when I make our stockings, I'll use what's left for some of those.

It looks better with the batting fluffing it up.

And I do like the backing on it.  I know I'll regret (just a little) using the fabric in a place where it will be hidden.  Or maybe I'm beyond regrets about fabric right now.

I probably won't do any quilting on the top part since it's small and won't be washed much, if any.  I guess I'll bind it in black or a dark green.  The instructions kept telling me to sew in the "green" borders, but those borders are definitely black.

I'm so relieved I finally did something like that.  Maybe I'll bind it today.  I do have a followup doctor's appointment that I didn't realize I had until yesterday.  I think it will be a good thing to follow up and make sure I'm okay.

Everyone comes home tomorrow, and I've missed them but glad of having some time to myself too.  I'm not hearing any rain or wind this morning, but it's still early, and almost anything could happen.

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