Monday, July 25, 2016

Back to School

Already?  We haven't even had a real warm day, and we're thinking about starting school in 6 weeks.

Graysen is going to be going Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons starting September 9th.  She's not half as excited as I am.

Rooster Valley Farm School.  It looks like such a good school.  Besides academics and art and the usual things, they go outside every day no matter the weather and take care of animals and a garden.  Looks like a lot of practical clothes and raincoats and boots are in order.

We've driven by and talked about the animals, and she and Mike got out and visited them the other day.  The goats are the only animals she is a little nervous about, and she's working through it.

I got some more quilting done this afternoon and now have this block almost ready to put together.  Six of them; that's a lot of work, and it took me many hours last night and this afternoon to get all 54 of the 4-1/2 inch squares done.


I finished this 2 of this block last night, and it was not hard at all.

I visited another blog today, Stitched in Color, and saw the cutest little quilted stockings.

These would be just right for the 6 of us to hang over our little fireplace this Christmas.  I've already downloaded the pattern from here and will look and see if I have any Christmas fabric I want to use.

Speaking of Christmas, when I was in Pacific Fabrics a couple of weeks ago, I was drawn to the sweetest Advent calendar.  It was quilted and had 24 tiny felt-backed ornaments to place in the pockets, once each day from December 1st.  There is even a drawstring pouch to keep the ornaments in.  I asked if there was a kit, and it was actually a panel, so of course I bought it.  Here is the panel, although it looks much cuter finished.

The pocket section roughly folded to show the pockets.

I think these are cut into basic shapes and backed with a piece of felt.

I love the "critters."  One of the fabrics in the line is Critter Toss, and I might use one of these for the backing.

Or this one.

I guess that's ambitious enough for me.  I don't worry about being bored - ever!

And Stella/Molly gets some sleep before it's time for her only job - watching us sleep and deciding when to wake us up asking for food.


  1. Hi, I just want you to know that I enjoy your posts about your like of doing just what you want to. Your quilting looks so precise! And pretty.

  2. Thank you, Jeannie. It's a good feeling to be able to finally do that. Getting older is not all bad. I'll never tire of seeing your beautiful heirloom things and enjoyed doing them when the time was right. I can still drool over them.