Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Morning with Katherine

Some strange things happening on the blog.  They sometimes post twice and sometimes not at all when I edit, so I just found this one from yesterday.

It's rare that I get much time with Katherine without her big sister soaking up most of the attention, but K is gradually becoming more of a little girl than a baby.  She now elbows Graysen out of the way and grabs toys sometimes, but usually she is pretty content.  Today Graysen was sitting on the floor, and Katherine backed up to her and sat in her lap.  So sweet.  No matter if it ended up in a rolling around wrestling match, it's still nice to see them play together.

Ryan took Graysen to gymnastics and out to lunch, so it was just the 2 of us.  It seems like since she's started to walk, the whole world is just more interesting to her.  She's mimicking actions and words and has the perfect Miss America wave.  If the door even begins to open - coming or going - she's waving and blowing kisses.

As we left to go to the park this morning, we heard the children playing at the park across the street, and she immediately started waving and saying, "Hi!"

This is what happened when I didn't allow her to go play there.

I should have put her shoes on and let her play some, but the park was full, and she would just end up standing there and watching everyone.

This was my sweet view on the way over.

We took a different route today and found masses of blackberries - most of them not quite ripe enough to eat - but it's good to know where they are.  I did get a handful to bring home for lunch, and they were pretty sour.  The bushes on our usual path are pretty much stripped clean, but I don't think anyone knows about these, or they know it's too early,

Hydrangeas are pretty much gone by now except for these dark purple ones.  I'm so used to blue ones.

 We came back to the apartment where K played nicely while I sewed a little.  She found the giraffe inner tube and spent a lot of time with that.

And showing me scraps of fabric that fell off the table.

I finished these last night, 6 of them, and have a little more work on a border section to finish Lesson 3.  I'm too sleepy to do any work tonight.

I was called and invited to a picnic at the park, and how could I turn that down.  I contributed frozen grapes, and there was leftover pizza, carrot sticks, and blueberry yogurt.

It was more fun than this picture shows.

Serve-yourself blueberry yogurt.

Mama brought home a cupcake from work, and Graysen waited patiently for it.

But there was something about that Ariel cutout----

And she couldn't ever bring herself to take a  bite.  It might have had something to do with Katherine's yogurt hands landing accidentally touching it.

It was fun.  Graysen rode and rode her bike, ran on the grass, and went down all the slides several times.  Katherine finally got to go to her park, and she made the most of it.  She would shimmy all the way to the top of the small slide and was trying for the taller ones.  I dread keeping up with that climber from now on.  I think we're all ready for bed now.

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