Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Lazy Summer Day

The first of many, I imagine.  But unlike an early June day in the South, I took 3 walks before lunch and am sitting here in a cool apartment - without air conditioning.  I hope the hot days like yesterday will come interspersed with cooler ones like today, and it will be bearable.  We do have 2 window fans ordered though.

One thing that's different is that everyone has windows up, so you hear a lot more conversation and people outside.  It's not bad so far though - just glad we're not overlooking the pool!  It got pretty noisy Saturday even one building over.  I kind of like the sounds as long as it's pleasant conversation.

Another difference is the length of the days.  Sunrise this morning was at 5:10 a.m. and sunrise will be at 9:02.  I know I'm waking up earlier but not necessarily going to bed earlier.

The first of my three walks this morning was a wagon ride for the girls.  When we got to their house, they were bouncing around in the back of the car while Ryan replaced the car seats.  I saw a wagon and suggested a ride.  Katherine has to be buckled in, but she's a good rider.  We went across the street to the park, and I planned to swing them on the big wheel-like swing, but it was gone.  Just the frame was left.  Graysen was terribly worried about it, but I figured it was out for repair.  When we started to leave, she sat down on a bench, and when I asked her why she was lingering, she said, "I just want to sit here and worry about the swing a little more."  She had the same face she wears when she talks about sick relatives.

Mike took Graysen to gymnastics where she seems to be getting more confident,  Here are 3 pictures he took.

While they were gone, Katherine was having none of my tricks and ended up just throwing herself on the floor and kicking and wailing.  She only wanted to be carried around and cuddled, so I did that until I got tired, then gave her half a bottle - and then took my second walk - pushing her in her stroller.  She hummed for about a block, and then when I checked, she was sound asleep.  I maneuvered her out of the stroller, in the front door, and up the stairs to her bed.

The third walk was home after that where Mike and Graysen met me.  We had lunch, and GG has been playing by herself for about an hour.   She immediately shed leotard and shoes and got comfortable.

/She just noticed what I was doing, so she wanted to type some G's.  And other things.

These girls are our life right now, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The only sewing I'm doing is repairs lately.  I brought the latest one home just now.  Graysen lost 2 pompoms off the bottom of a little sundress - and "Mimi can fix it."

Ryan has worked hard on the garden.  He built the raised beds and did the planting.  I think Emily and I picked out most of the plants or seeds.  There are some things I've never thought about growing - radishes, carrots, arugula, artichokes, broccoli.  If it's not tomatoes or squash, I don't know much about it.

Ryan rescued my bunny from Montgomery when he went down to get the car, but he's not much of a scarecrow.

Something is eating the raspberries - other bunnies, I guess.

I need to stop and give a 3-year-old some attention now - a pretty awesome task.

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