Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Sparkling Day

This is the last warm day before the onset of low temperatures and cooler weather - 50s and 60s - so I wanted to enjoy every bit of it.  I saw these beauties on the way to Steller Way.

This is a rhodendron at the base of our stairs that we've been watching since it started budding - dark pink at first, then lighter and then almost white.

I'm not familiar with lilac bushes - or tree in this case - but I believe this is one.

These are the azaleas outside the wall of a house that I pass almost every day.  The owner is obviously a gardener and nature lover, and I can't wait to see what she has coming.

Graysen wanted to wear her Cinderella dress and dance this morning while Katherine played pretty quietly on the floor.  She is usually pretty happy when her sister is performing.

The audience.  I've had these little dolls for 15 years or so.  Once when we lived in Greensboro I heard that McDonald's was including these Madame Alexander miniature dolls in a Happy Meal.  Every week I would get a Happy Meal until I found out I could just pay the $1.59 and buy them.  They've lived in the attic all this time and have finally been unpacked and enjoyed, around 20 of them.

I was afraid this dress was going to be too small by now, but it seems just right.  I decided to take it home and put another piece of velcro at the waist because she was stopping every few minutes and saying, "Make the back tighter, Mimi."

Katherine is pretty content sitting and playing with whatever she can get her hands on.  She prefers the non-board books that she can chew and tear, but we try to keep a good supply of these within reach.  My sock feet are also obviously nearby.

After going to the park and while Katherine was napping, Graysen and I took a pan of water and some random toys and just spent a long time splashing, making up stories, and watering plants.

This is a strange picture.  The combination of water, sun/shade, and reflections make this look like an angry duck on the bench beside the pan.

Watering cucumbers with a rubber duckie.

Time for Mimi ad PopPop to go home.

Ryan has worked hard to make these raised beds, and they are beautiful, just ready for seeds and vegetables and flowers.  And many packets of seeds, including carrots, radishes, parsnips, lettuce, and several flowers.

I can't remember all the plants Emily and I chose, but I do remember cucumbers, okra, artichoke, tomatoes, several kinds of peppers, apple mint, broccoli and strawberries.

Mike and I tried to sit on the balcony and read this afternoon, but it was too chilly for us.  I did take this picture of the hummingbird feeder outlined against a beautiful sky.  Our hummingbird and maybe some friends have just about finished up their first bottle of food.

The local weather channels have indicated we might have some thunderstorms this weekend, so I'm excited.  I miss them.

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