Tuesday, March 1, 2016

More Weather and Easter Sweetness

When people heard we were moving to Washington, the first thing mentioned was the rain.   I happen to love rain, and the gloomier the day, the better, usually.  The rain is usually just drizzle or light rain that comes and goes quickly, but lately, we've had what seems like Southern rain storms.

This picture doesn't do it justice, but this is the only view we have this afternoon.

Listening to the local news, there are trees falling, power outages, and even a bridge closed because of the wind.

It's not that bad right here, but we did get surprised by the wicker rockers skidding around the balcony.

It's nice to see the signs of spring though.  I saw a couple of big forsythias bushes today and cherry trees are blooming everywhere.  I'm trying to learn the difference between plants here and in the South.  Very few azaleas but lots of rhododendron.  Cherry trees instead of redbud and Japanese magnolia.  I think dogwood trees do well here.  It will be fun to learn.

I got a package today from Debby who knows how to brighten a gloomy day.  So cute!  Peter Rabbit is one of my favorite characters, and this is a beautiful towel with matching spatula - too pretty to use!  (And that spot is still from my camera, which is beginning to bug me).

And a sweet card to go with it.   Thanks, Debby.  Makes my kitchen a happy place.

No pictures from this (camera battery dead and phone only takes pink pictures), but Graysen had her first gymnastics class this morning.  She was all excited about it, but neither one of us knew what to expect.  When I got there this morning, Emily had put her hair up into a cute ponytail, and she had on leggings and a T-shirt.  

There were probably 8 children in the class, equal numbers of boys and girls.  She was a little shy and hesitant at first and kept looking at me for reassurance, but once she got into the spirit of things, she was fine.  She would find me every 15 minutes or so and wave, but she did as well or better than the others kids at following directions and participating.  

They did some simple follow-the-leader things at first and then an obstacle course.  They tried low bars to hang on, a trampoline (everyone's favorite), and a low balance beam.  She was really good on the balance beam, and having a mirror to watch herself helped a lot.  She looked so cute with her ponytail bobbing and arms stretched out.  They lifted a parachute up and down and snapped it, making it "funder"

Speaking of funder, I just saw a flash of lightning and REAL thunder.  

We're still enjoying the library and enjoying reading on these rainy afternoons and nights.  It's so easy to request books and have them waiting when we go in for the day.  We were pretty far down on the list for Bill Bryson's latest book but got it yesterday.  Mike is torn between staying up all night and finishing it or savoring it. for a few days.

None of the ones I've read the past couple of months have been great.  I love audio books but don't like carrying around a computer or CD player and don't have any of the newer players, but the ones I checked out last week are really neat.

 They come ready to play with a new battery and set of earphones.  It's tiny and fits in a pocket easily.  The buttons on the back make it easy to pause and rewind and fast forward.

The one I'm listening to now is "On Canaan's Side" by Sebastian Berry.  It's great so far, and I love the Irish accent of the reader.  Here is a good review of it: 


I just finished listening to Margaret Atwood's "MaddAddam."   Getting this link, I just realized this was the 3rd book in a trilogy.  Heck.  That's disappointing.  Now I'll have to read the first two books and already know how it ends.  I don't usually like science fiction or end-of-the-world type books, but this one kept my interest, and I stayed up way too late listening to it.  I kept going to sleep and waking up and having to rewind it.   

Mike is having cataract surgery on the 11th.  That should upgrade his reading and driving a whole lot.  
Before I get out of the sewing mood, I started cutting out a knit dress for Graysen while it's still cool enough for long sleeves.   I love this soft turquoise knit and hope I can do it justice.

She chose the orange polka-dot leggings I made from this pattern from her drawer today and told me how much she loved them.  She said, "They're so soft.  And I can jump in them."

When we left today, saying we were going to run errands, she told us to "be careful in the stores."

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